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What we love about The Group Hug

A whole load of quotes.

“I was so happy when I saw the post on a local facebook group to join The Group Hug. It’s been brilliant. I have been getting out much more and meeting new people in my local area. I did the whole hashtag search thingy in the facebook group and found people in my area and made two new friends. Being divorced is no longer a mark on my soul”.

“I love the download area where I can have a rant. I feel so much better after downloading.”


“I suddenly don’t feel so alone. It’s given me a purpose in life and I am making some great online friends”.


“I’ve had women messaging me and then calling me in tears before their court dates as I have been through it and am now out the other side. I love being able to help others get through”.


“No one is judging. I love that. No one knows me or my ex so I can just tell it straight”.


“One of my local group organised a fabulously yummy afternoon tea. It was gorgeous. Some women hadn’t met before and everyone just got along. What we had in common was being members of The Group Hug”.


I love the forum and the fact that I can say what I want. when I want and no one knows who I am. I know my ex cannot stalk me and use what I say as ammunition in the courts.

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