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Mum! I want a party!

I hear it so many times in my job as a Life Coach:

“It’s my son’s birthday. I don’t have any money. What will I do to make it fun? How will I afford presents?”

Well, you know what, kids don’t expect as much as you think. Have a little party at home. In fact, as “the home party” becomes rarer, if not extinct with the majority of parents opting for a village hall and an entertainer to take control, it’s exciting to have a home party. Ok, you’ll have the mess to clear up afterwards, but it’s once a year and if you have no other option, then let’s look at how to entertain at home.

If your child is older you could have just a couple of best friends over for some gaming time. Make it fun and break up the screen time with a “make your own pizza session”. Pizza bases are available to purchase at most decent sized supermarkets. Just prepare simple toppings such as a jar of passata, chopped up mozzarella, ham, mushrooms and olives, salami and sweetcorn.

make skittles out old drinks bottles.

A lovely homemade cake and you are Mum of the Year! I distinctly remember (from my past life ha ha) presenting my son with a ridiculously expensive “professionally made” cake only to be met with him saying “next year can you bake me a cake Mum?

how about an old favourite such as pin the tail on the donkey?

So maybe it’s love they are looking for? We all have photos of cakes our mums made. They are memory making creations? Sweat and tears?

A simple sponge, iced or covered in chocolate, topped and piled with haribo’s or liquorice allsorts always goes down a treat.

A great game for older children is the tray memory game. Place 15 to 20 objects on a tray… study it for 30 seconds, then without them peeking, remove an item. What’s missing? Take it in turns or write their answers down to be marked. Maybe 3 turns before they get bored?

If you have time to think ahead, always look in the sales for little bits and pieces you can make into a Guest Lucky Dip. Party bags are frankly expensive, played with on the journey home for ten minutes and dumped in the footwell of your car for the following six months.

‘dead lions‘ is always great at the end of a party with busy and tired younger children. Why do you think our parents rolled it out? ’Right children lie on the floor… first to move is out!’

We took a look at amazon and found some amazing cheap buys which will give more fun than party bag junk. Wrap the gifts, stick ’em in a box and you have a lucky dip. Far more exciting!

Do you know how much fun children will have with these inflatable guitars? At the time of publication of this post they were just £1.33 each! We would pre-inflate before the party!

HENBRANDT Inflatable Guitar

These cute peas in a pod stress balls will hang on book bags and look super fun!

New Fun Beans Squeeze Toys

POP rainbow magic ball cube fidget stress reliever      

Pop Rainbow Magic Ball Plastic Cube

A very unusual stress gadget toy. Squeeze the chicken and see the egg. Eeek!

Funny Squishy Squeeze Toys Chicken and Eggs

Bouncy balls in a huge bag. Enough for everyone and some!    

HENBRANDT 27mm Bouncy Balls – Pack of 20

Another bargain way to buy books as gifts is to buy a set. For example you can buy a set of Mr Men books from amazon which work out at around £1 a book! Two of those, mini pack of sweets. Job done.  

Happy Birthday!      

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