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What about the men?

We don’t want to become too one-sided and feminist as Men are welcome too.
I had an appointment with my solicitor yesterday and we got talking about narcissists and the endless litigation that dealing with an Ex with a personality disorder can cause. The word Narcissist is everywhere at the moment and my Partner tells me that every book he reads seems to feature one!
Usually the Narc is a man but actually, I read this week that the majority of Narcissists actually come in the form of females and Mothers.
We have many requests from men to join the Facebook page of the First Wives UK. I don’t ask them why they want to join, I just hit the delete button. A few guys have had a little argument with me and I just tell them that they are more than welcome to set up a First Husbands – what’s stopping them? They are also more than welcome to join the webpage as I am sure having male opinions would make things interesting. We all know a man who has suffered in divorce or is lonely or widowed. It’s not only women who are looking for “the one” or that new chapter in their lives.

We all know a man who “did the right thing” when a marriage fell apart. A man who put his children first and ensured that their schooling was not affected, that they had a decent roof over their heads and food in their tummies. A man who made sure that the only thing that would change for the children was that Daddy was not living with them anymore. I know one man like this and I am very lucky to have him in this new chapter of my life.

  I set up a First Husband’s page in Ascot at the same time I set up the original Ascot First Wives group and where the women got to 206 members, the men reached a measly 9 members! Maybe it’s actually easier for us girls to reach out to others? I have spoken to some men in the past few days and they tell me that they just don’t feel comfortable putting posts onto forums and discussing things.  

I am a Certified Life Coach and I wanted to share a male clients story with you today as it is really important that we talk about men and take into consideration what they may be going through.

I hear stories of crazy ex-wives threatening to kill themselves, women having affairs and leaving men with the children. Men having to hold down jobs and look after their children with no support as they don’t know where to look for it.

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