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Educating Santa!

I was just thinking about Christmas and even more importantly, “what on earth am I going to buy my two boys aged 8 and 12?”.

Their lives revolve around the xbox and online gaming such as Fortnite.

What will I get them? It was so much easier when they were young. From there, my train of thought reverted back to thinking about the things I used to buy them. I was remembered the fabulous gifts from the company Learning Resources, so I thought I would share.
I remember first coming across Learning Resources at a Christmas Fair in London. There was an amazing toy stand, packed with fun educational toys. The majority of them were from Learning Resources.
So here goes; here is my pre-schooler and young children toy recommendations.

The only trouble is, I still haven’t thought of anything for my 8 and 12 year old. So back to the drawing bought with that!


This school set will really get your pre-schooler or reception year child into the school theme. Let’s pretend! Imaginative play is fabulous for creativity in young children which then feeds into story writing when they are a little older.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Original School Set (UK version)

My eldest son had terrible fine motor skills and I purchased this item as an aid to helping him to develop the muscles in his hand. Cutting with scissors and anything like this is so important. This game uses tweezers which leads onto being able to write and hold a pencil for longer lengths of time. It really helps with hand-writing.  

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

Start to get your child into science with this fabulous Science set!  

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

My boys absolutely loved this sight word game – it’s perfect for those Early Years and recognizing the key words (if they are still called that?) It was simple which really helped.        

Learning Resources Sight Word Bingo

Coding is huge now! I had never heard of it with my eldest but now, this gift is a Toy of the Year Finalist! I know lots of nurseries and schools have these coding toys in the form of a mouse which you code to move around. It’s so much fun and once again, gets them off their screens. There are loads of fun accessories for Botley too!  

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Happy shopping!  

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