Are you going through a high conflict separation?

This book may be compact but it sure is a thorough guide to successfully handling and surviving a nasty divorce from a narcissist. It is packed with useful advice so you can be proactive.  

When you divorce a narcissist you have to have goals to keep your sanity. This book contains sound advice on how to heal, and how to move forward through a high conflict divorce.

I know from bitter experience, you have to make the narcissist feel as though they are winning at all times and you have to take the small losses on the chin. To stay sane you have to fill your mid with positive thoughts and to some extent start to realise why you allowed that person into your life initially.  

Until you can see and understand why and understand what you life was lacking at that time, you will not be able to move on. Digest and accept. Be true to yourself and your thoughts. Don’t get dragged into years of battles. If you do, you have lost your life. The narcissist will still be controlling you. The narcissist will have won. Remember that this is all about the narcissists ego.

This is a great self-help book. A great starting point.

At all times you have to think outside the box and this book will help you to achieve that. You have to step back from something such as a court battle, which may on the surface feel like the narc has won and look at the bigger picture.

The author isn’t satisfied with helping the thousands of men and women whose lives have been damaged by narcissists and are involved in high-conflict divorces. She wants to help the children, too.”
Karyl Mcbride, PH.D.

If you are suffering from a high conflict divorce, get some help.


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