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A Date with Natasha

Meet our new resident Personal Stylist & Style Blogger, the beautiful Natasha Edge.

It’s nearly Spring and that means it’s time for us to think about new ways to refresh our look for the new season. A great place to start is your makeup. I caught up with Fashion & Style blogger Natasha this week and we talked colour, make-up and styling tips for Spring 2019.  

Hi, I’m Natasha Edge, I’m 41 years old and I live Hampshire with my husband, 9 year old son and my dogs.

What’s a typical day for you?

A typical day for me starts with the school drop off and a dog walk, then I’m either in my Studio with clients or doing admin! My dog walks help me get some needed exercise and fresh air and I find they set me up for the day! I work till school pick up and then it’s all about the daily chores and making sure the homework’s done pretty much until my son’s in bed! Sometimes I have evening clients or events but if not, then I relax with my husband or write a blog for my website…

How did you get into blogging about style and fashion?

Many years ago I spent some time at The London College of Fashion & Art School, so I always knew I wanted to do something creative and colourful! However life takes over and I had a big career change and spent the next 14 years in recruitment. A few years back I started to feel it was time for a change and I wanted to get back to doing what I love – which is clothes and makeup! I had the opportunity to be made redundant when my employer sold the business and I decided that was the push I needed to take some time out requalify and set up my own business.  

It’s hard work, but I really enjoy it and get so much back from it unlike recruitment! I love seeing women light up in the mirror when they wear certain colours or feel good about themselves. It’s a joy to watch, and of course a privilege to be part of that change.  

When I first set up my business I was all about face to face marketing, which I still believe is really important especially with what I do, but after the first year social media seemed to become more and more important so I felt I needed to change the way I worked to accommodate this, and started to use Facebook and LinkedIn. This has been instrumental in gaining new clients and getting my company out there. But could I do more?  

I noticed friends and mums at school and sometimes even strangers would comment on my make-up, or my clothes and the colour I wore and it was this that prompted me to write my blog. I think so many women get to a certain age or time in their life when they suddenly question their style or image. Women suddenly lose confidence in wearing clothes and make-up and get stuck in a rut.  

Having been in a destructive relationship prior to this one I know how your confidence can be knocked, whether its physical or mental bullying from a partner sometimes we need to seek outside help to get our confidence back.

  I have worked with many women who find working with a stylist very therapeutic, whether its building a new wardrobe, taking them shopping or clearing cupboards it’s all part of a big cleanse and helps you on your way to feeling good again.

If someone is new to make-up or would like to refresh their look, where do you recommend they start?

My advice now is very different to a few years back, I think all women should get their colours analysed as it will give you a good insight as to what colours are going to suit your skintone and colouring in general.

I always advise to invest in some basic staples and get a capsule make-up collection going so that you can apply anytime day or night quickly and easily. I’m all about the quick and simple makeup, and most of my clients want that to.

I would say a good primer & moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or foundation dependant on your skin; then I would add a concealer, blusher, mascara and lipstick – simple but everything you need for a great basic look in ten minutes.  

One or two good makeup brushes are also a great investment; I like Real Techniques – reasonably priced and have a great range. Plus the brushes are labelled for what to use them for! Nearly all the women I speak to are afraid of eye make-up. Particularly eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner, this does take practice but speak to a professional for some simple tips and always opt for an eyeshadow palette in natural shades as its easier to build up colour than add too much straight away!

What 5 must have items do you think every woman should have in her make-up bag?

Mascara – this really opens up your eyes making them bigger which makes them not only more awake but more youthful. If you find wearing black is too harsh then a dark brown works well. I have to say I am also a big fan of high-street mascaras over designer ones, I love Stila, Younique (click here to browse products) and Loreal.  

Brow product – good brows make or break a face as they frame it. But make sure it’s the right colour, there is nothing worse than a blonde or soft colouring lady with black brows.  

A good concealer – for those days when you have slept badly, had a late night or your hormones are playing up. I get darker circles in the corner of my eyes which I hate so a concealer is a must for me and instant pick me up to my face.  

Blusher/Bronzer – to make me look alive and healthy, it gives you an instant pick-me up. But I do like to add a pop of blusher on top to give a youthful glow.  

A good lipstick – A good Lipstick can make you feel happy, and for me is an essential. Wearing lipstick can lighten up your face, and give you an instant colour-lift. But again make sure it’s the right colour – either warm or cool toned dependant on your skin.

Do you have a specific skincare routine?

Skincare is so important and I always remove my makeup every night (well more or less every night… I blame Prosecco if I don’t manage to) and I try not to use wipes as they dry my skin out. For evenings, I like to use a cream cleanser and currently I am using the Guinot Dry Skin Cleanser & Eye Make Up Remover. I always moisturise day and night, as it’s essential for a good base before makeup. I’m pretty rubbish with all the other lotions and potions you are meant to wear.

Do you recommend any products for travelling abroad that perhaps differs to every day?

To be honest I tend to take most of my makeup with me – but I do look for travel size bottles and I decant my moisturiser & primer. I tend to opt for makeup remover wipes for holiday for ease, I will opt for an eye palette with a few nude colours that I can blend. I advise a stronger lip colour if you tan quite easily like I do, as your skin changes colour it will affect your makeup too!

What are the new colours and trends for Spring 2019?

We will be seeing a lot of tonal warm colours such fawn, caramel, toffee, apricot and peach. But there will also be some bright neons and royal blues to give us all a boost! For pattern animal print is not going anywhere, but think snake, zebra, dalmation and more and in every colour.

What advice can you offer to readers about adopting new beauty trends?

When I see all the new trends that come out for make-up I just think are they actually wearable? You have to consider your lifestyle, skin and your age. Now, given half a chance I still love the excuse to put glitter on but I am also aware glitter and shimmer sit in the lines and wrinkles so it’s not actually very flattering. I think with new trends they have to suit you and your lifestyle and make you feel better about yourself and not self conscious. I also think that some things are best off left to the young like glitter lips & really bold contouring- not a big fan of contouring.   I read an interview with Nadine Baggot and she said “Make-up over forty should not be about trends but simply being modern, you want someone to notice your face not your make-up” – I just loved this. I use the same principle with colour, you don’t want someone to notice the colour first, you want them to notice you and the fact the colour is complimenting you.

Who are your role models for make-up and beauty products or that you like to copy?

I don’t think I necessarily have beauty role models but I do find inspiration often on You Tube and I particularly like Pixiwoo – two sisters who make videos and as they are not teens or in their early twenties I like to see the products they use and how they look on them as they aren’t kids! I often watch the video tutorials on the CMB website, as they are really basic simple to follow tips and techniques, plus they will guide you on colour too.

Apart from lotions and potions, is there any other advice you have for having great healthy skin?

I don’t think I have any new tips here but just the usual; a good nights sleep, plenty of water and a good diet with not too much sugar. I don’t take any supplements but I have started investing in botox twice a year as it just makes me feel better and my skin looks fresher.

What tips do you have for busy working mums to keep their make-up modern?

For simple, quick fuss free makeup I like products that do more than one job for example Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Sticks I use on cheeks and lips and the new Trinny stack, which I’m loving for ease and its multi purpose. Getting your brows and eyelashes professionally done can also saves time in your day-to-day routine and in the summer a good fake tan saves a lot of time

And finally, what three things could you not live without?

I am a massive fan of mascara, undereye concealer and my trademark… a good nude lipstick!

Natasha, without hesitating – what’s your fave?

Make-up – Budget or Designer? – A mixture of both Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser? – Foundation

Spa day or Shopping day? – Shopping day, but sometimes you need a good spa day

Red or Blue – Red

Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? – Rosie

Instagram or Facebook? – Facebook

Gold or Silver? – Gold

Zara or H&M? – Neither really

Starbucks or Costa? – Starbucks

Starter or Dessert? – Starter

Lipstick or Lip Gloss? – Lipstick  

You can follow Natasha on her facebook and instagram pages You can follow Natasha on her facebook and instagram pages

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