Uh Oh! I’m over 40!

Try to avoid taking supplements as they are not only expensive but some experts say they can have detrimental effects on your health. We read that Calcium supplements can increase prostate cancer risk in men. In that case, we should just eat a healthy diet with the natural version of the nutrients we need. Again, this comes down to planning our weekly shopping lists. Research suggests that those who graze are at greater risk of diabetes. Try and avoid eating in front of the television as this is ‘mindless eating,’ which could lead to weight-gain. Use smaller plates for your food and if you don’t buy biscuits and cakes, you won’t eat them! Eat slowly and chew your food. Get into the habit of putting your knife and fork down between every mouthful.  

Really watch the food which says ‘no added sugar’ as more often than not, it contains artificial sweeteners, which is surely like eating chemicals?

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The bacteria found in yogurt is good. It can help to keep your skin clear too. Go for plain live yoghurt. It will balance your gut.   Drink coffee – yes, you can…..and tea. Caffeine is dehydrating and increases inflammation but there is nothing wrong with it in moderation. It is also thought that caffeine can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Many personal trainers say that it can also enhance your physical performance, so have a cup before you hit the gym! Tea has become reborn over the last few years and the supermarket aisles are stacked full of wonderful blends which contain antioxidants which claim to combat the ageing process.   We are all aware that we need to go easy on our consumption of red meat so try and swap for organic white meat. Turmeric is big news too, so add that to recipes whenever you can as it is thought to fight inflammation, arthritis, depression and pain. Fill-up on those dark green and purple veggies.  

Cut down on your carb intake.

  Potatoes and white rice are also sugars – they can make you put on weight especially if you are not burning off that energy. Sugar promotes a process called glycation which is known to damage cells and in turn, cause wrinkles. We are not just talking about that chocolate bar or ice-cream, so watch the amount of spuds you are consuming and swap your white rice for a wholegrain alternative which will leave you fuller for longer.   If you have been going through a stressful time, you may find that your alcohol intake has shot up. Be aware and mindful of this and really make an effort to have some alcohol-free days, ideally at least 2 or 3. Or tell yourself that you will just have a couple of glasses at the weekend.   Don’t think that it’s ok to have your entire weeks’ worth in one weekend. Binge drinking really isn’t good and can leave you an emotional wreck and doing silly things like telling your ex what you really think of them! The older you get, the more stupid you look “drunk”. The more alcohol you consume, the less good quality sleep you get which leads to dry, dehydrated skin and looking ten years older than you actually are. We’ve all experienced waking up with a tongue which feels like sandpaper. Yuck.   Try and up your exercise by planning ahead. Get into the habit of going for a Sunday walk, walk to the station, stand up from behind your desk every hour and have a stretch.  

Get a good night’s sleep as there are no longer any prizes for staying up late when you are over 40. Try to read before nodding off and definitely no screens.

Make sure your bedroom is cool, calm and tidy and try not to eat an hour before bed as your body has to work to digest that food when you are trying to relax. Make sure your mattress is comfortable and if you are suffering with a bad back, really consider that it might be time for a new bed. Invest in cool cotton sheets.

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If you smoke – give up as not only is it sooo out of fashion but research shows that those who quit smoking before they turn 44 can live almost as long as those who never smoked, so there is time to get your life back even if you had naughty twenties and thirties!

There are also all those dating ads you are missing out on which want a non-smoker.

With many people now giving up, smokers really stand out for the really smokey odour on their clothes. People are just not used to the smell.
Try and walk as much as you can – invest in a gadget to record your steps if it helps. We are all guilty of jumping in the car to pop to the shops when it would only be ten minutes to walk there and back. It’s a great calories burner and helps your posture if you spend much of your day hunched up over a screen.

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