I know how to pick ’em

After 15 years of marriage and 2 kids we decided that our relationship was struggling and went to Relate. I thought we had fallen back in love and we had another child, shortly after which my hubby became the only person on the planet not to realise that a Mum’s libido reduces after having a baby and he sought solace elsewhere.
For the sake of our children (especially the baby) I worked hard to try to forgive him but was not able to get past his betrayal so we separated.
It took nearly 7 years for the divorce to be fully settled including me and my then 4 year old witnessing him attempt suicide in my garden.
He and I now tolerate each other for the children and, luckily, I get on well with his girlfriend.
Due to mourning him for the two years that we continued to live together following his betrayal, I moved on pretty quickly, saw one chap for 5 years and have now lived with another for 7 years.

But I know how to pick ’em. The love of my life is an illegal immigrant which means that I don’t know how much longer we will be together – every additional day is a bonus.

I do sometimes lament the fact that, unlike most of my friends and family, I haven’t just moved on, met someone else, remarried and lived happily ever after.

My life has been more like Eastenders than a fairy tale but, in spite of all of this, I am generally an extremely happy person and I know I can get through pretty much anything!   Blog written by First Wife Reader     Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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