I’m a success in a typically male World…

Here’s a super story from one of our members. Victoria pushed herself to make a career in Health and Safety. Thanks for sharing. We love happy and inspiring stories.
When I left school at 17 I knew I had to work to make money , after all my parents ran their own business and I knew I needed to work as they had inspired me. I went from job to job very badly paid and often badly treated. I worked in bars , shops, airports , care home, hotels and even a tattoo shop . Then one day I decided I’d had enough.
I decided I needed to become qualified in an area that was in-demand. So at the grand old age of 29 I started my NEBOSH course, which stands for National Examination Board of Safety and Health. I started my journey in Health & Safety. I’m now 35 and am a Health & Safety professional (in construction ) with the power to stop unsafe construction works.

It’s been very tough in a predominantly male industry and trying to get back into it after having my daughter has been insanely difficult especially when I was battling with Post Natal Depression.

My other-half started out as a waiter and now owns his own successful coffee shop in Petts Wood. Life is a journey. You have to work hard to get what you want and I often feel like giving up but you just have to keep going.
Victoria Jones Tech IOSH AaPS AIIRSM RSP xx
The Group Hug says “Don’t ever compare yourself to others. It’s very easy to do that what with Facebook and Instagram etc. People just post the very best of themselves – so don’t take what they are saying as gospel.  Just compare yourself to who you were yesterday and move forward for your own self”.

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