Valentine’s Evening and Divorce can be a blessing

We can maybe lay the blame for Valentine’s Day at the door of Geoffrey Chaucer, for although it was marked in the liturgical calendar for centuries, it was Chaucer, the author of The Canterbury Tales, who made the association in his poem “The Parlement of Foules”, written sometime in the 1380’s, possibly in 1382. The poem features an assembly of birds which have gathered together in order to choose their mates. Chaucer’s narrator remarks,

“For this was on seynt Volantynys day, Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make”.  


So there we have it, Valentine’s Day was born. Of course, it is now completely commercialised and it seems that many people who are in relationships make light of it and say that it’s a load of nonsense.

However, for those of you who do not have a Valentine in your life right now, it can leave you feeling depressed and alone and maybe even grieving a broken relationship.

However, maybe Valentines Day and Divorce is a combination to be reckoned with?

Treat yourself to a Valentines Gift this evening

Go online and buy yourself a little treat.

If you were in a failing relationship, the chances are that your partner didn’t put much, or any effort into Valentine’s Day anyway, so don’t mourn the what could have been. Also briefly remember the months or even years of sadness and trauma you experienced. Today is YOUR day so be kind to yourself, even if it just means putting on a film your ex would never have agreed to watch with you. Look to the future and don’t think about others on Valentine’s Day. Social Media is awash with public displays of affection, but do you truly know what is going on in other people’s lives and why should you care? Concentrate on yourself and your own destiny. Tomorrow it’s all over and just another day. Not everyone has a gushing partner and there will be many who spend the evening arguing as the love of their life has forgotten the flowers. Maybe that is even worse than not having anyone at all. It is just a day.

Enjoy being with yourself. Maybe treat yourself to some new makeup? Younique is always a good place to start.

If you have a friend who may be feeling low to, give them a call and feel good about yourself by knowing that you have cheered someone else up. Discuss your plans for next year and challenge them to do the same.   Your children are your Valentine’s If you have children at home, involve your children in your evening. Let them know that you just want to watch a movie and have a Valentine’s hug. Cook a special meal or pop out and get a box of chocolates to share!   The good news is that Valentine’s is just another day and it is almost over. Relax in the knowledge that you had the best evening loving yourself and once you can love yourself you can open your heart to someone new and remember you are not alone.  

Linked with treating yourself, is being mindful about what you want out of life. Spend the evening thinking about your next set of goals. Treat this evening as the start of a new year and if you are looking for romance think about how you are going to achieve that. Do you want to join a dating app? Look for love with a matchmaker, like our very own Nicole Izod?

How are you going to find your new love? Are their local singles nights or how about looking into starting that new hobby you have been contemplating for months. Have you thought about getting a new hairstyle or becoming healthier and hitting the gym? Spend a few hours looking at how you might find love this coming year with the beginning being this evening. Feel positive. Make this the evening of new romance. Book that appointment for hair, nails or a massage.. anything which is going to make you feel more confident and ready to meet someone new. We have lots of style tips here.

Post in the forum and have a chat with someone and you may find that you are able to help a stranger.  

Happy Valentine’s from us all here at The Group Hug!

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