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In 2014 I had my beautiful son and life with my husband was pretty perfect. We had moved out of London and were looking for somewhere to start the next chapter of our life together. Within a few weeks I knew there was something wrong with my son. Unfortunately, the doctors disagreed with me and it took over 2 years for him to be diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. Before his diagnosis, when my son was only 4 months old, my husband was killed in an accident. Over 2 years of court cases regarding my husband’s death and in and out of hospital couldn’t have drained me more. My life had collapsed under my feet and I had no idea where to turn. 

Asking for help was not something I was good at and mental health issues were not really talked about, so I felt pretty lost and not sure which direction to turn to. My son’s condition meant I had to learn a lot about food and start trying to figure out what I was going to do with our life, my health and my mental wellbeing. This was my new, unforeseen starting point for the future, learning about my son’s condition. It took a while, but I came across nutrition and health coaching. I decided to enrol in a course and see where it took me. If nothing else, it would help me learn some self-care techniques. The Health coaching course was so much more than I thought. I learnt so much about myself. The course was a catalyst for a lot more emotion to come out, but it was also the foundations to my new path through life. I had my own grief counsellor and health coach to help me and I was determined to set up my own business, work from home and be there for my son and dogs. 

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Health coaching has turned my life around. I have a tool kit of skills to help me tackle each day with confidence in a happy and balanced way. I have time for myself, time for my family and friends and love my job. I feel comfortable in my own skin and settled in my life, even with the ups and downs. I also love that I can pass this on to others and support people to find their best life.

The whole way through my journey from widowhood to now, two themes have run through it. Firstly, to ask for support and secondly, that we can achieve anything we want if we believe it enough. I didn’t know how to ask for support or what support I needed at the beginning. Now I am always reaching out and asking for help and support. Support to grow as a person, support to understand more about myself and the world, support to push myself at the gym, even support to clean the kitchen and enjoy a bottle of wine (The latter usually gets a quick positive response!)  

It makes for a much easier, happier life. I also believe we are all worthy of having our desired life. Worthy of being the best version of ourselves and living to our fullest potential, being happy and having a balanced life. It may take a while to get there and life will always put obstacles in front of us, but it is still possible, if you keep taking one step at a time and ask for a supportive hand along the way. 

Be worthy of your best life and ask for help if you need to. 

Becca Worthington, 
Health and Wellbeing

07954 181685
[email protected]

Becky Worthington

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