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Five things you may not know about facial aesthetics

A huge thank you to Sarah Burns, who can be found in The Hug Directory for this list of information you may not know about facial aesthetics.

Anyone, yes unbelievably, anyone can inject dermal filler into your face, it is not regulated at all! So make sure your practitioner is appropriately trained, look for this logo to know your injector is regulated by a government approved body and has been assessed as a safe injector. Always ask what products are being using as not all, usually the cheap, fillers are CE marked.

Surprisingly, botox or botulinum toxin injections were first used to treat patients with squints. Patients were injected around the eye to help relax the muscles causing the eyes to turn inwards. These patients commented on how their eye wrinkles improved and that was how botox came to be used for cosmetic purposes. By the way, it can also be used to treat tooth grinding and headaches

How does your wellbeing affect your mental health?

Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming when your practitioner tells you the amount of filler they want to use to give you a great rejuvenation effect. This picture helps to put these volumes into perspective. Suddenly 3ml of filler doesn’t seem so much!!

the measuring spoons put into perspective the amount of filler being administered

Looking at this picture it’s hardly surprising when having injections in your face, the most common side effect is bruising! Your face has an extensive and intricate network of blood vessels. You will certainly want your injector to be a doctor, dentist or nurse! Also avoid alcohol in the 24 hours before treatment to minimise bruising.

There are thousands of blood vessels in the face so it's no wonder it bruises easily

When choosing your anti-aging skin care you should always check for three key ingredients

VITAMIN A or retinol is a potent anti-aging ingredient when in a therapeutic, medical grade dose. Stimulating renewal of your skin cells which, unfortunately, slows as we get older. It can also help to reduce pigmentation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

VITAMIN C is a potent anti-oxidant, helping to prevent damage to your skin cells from the environment and the sun, used as a serum every morning on your clean, dry skin, it is an easily absorbed preventative base layer. It will also help in the production of collagen. Don’t assume that if a product smells of oranges it contains vitamin C!!

Here at The Group Hug we have found this cream, made in England which contains Natural Vitamin A Retinol and Superior Vitamin C. Tracey Broadway is the founder and having beaten breast cancer at 35, she is now on a passionate mission to help other women look and feel young, no matter what they’re facing in their lives.

SUN PROTECTION use a physical sunscreen every day, even when it is cold and cloudy! Check that yours doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like Butylparaben, Oxybenzone or Retinal Palmitate and is fragrance free.

Written by Sarah Burns B.D.S (Hons) F.D.S.,R.C.S.(Eng) M.Sc., M.Orth (Eng)

Sarah can be found in The Hug Directory and she is also a Save Face Accredited Practitioner

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