Why using YouTube video’s to divorce probably isn’t your best idea!

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Here at Ethos Family Solutions, we’ve helped many people in all manner of different situations, from divorcing couples who need assistance to sort out arrangements for their children or finances, through to grandparents who want to resume their relationship with their much-loved grandchildren.

Here’s the story of one such client who we were happy to help recently.

Paula Tanner

Mr J’s story …

Mr J’s ex-wife had issued a financial application following their divorce.  She was using a solicitor, but Mr J didn’t have that option and didn’t know where to turn.  He had been trying to follow the process using the resources he could find online such as YouTube videos.

Mr J’s ex-wife had made various allegations against Mr J in an attempt to improve her financial claim, which would ultimately have meant that Mr J would have had to sell the home he lived in – the same home his daughter lived in when she was with him.  There were a number of other issues which Mr J was aware of and which were also relevant, such as access Mrs J had to additional money, and the fact that she was in a new and stable relationship – but Mrs J hadn’t informed her solicitor or the court of these issues and Mr J didn’t know what to do about it.

Get help!

Mr J heard about Ethos Family Solutions through a friend of a friend and felt very relieved at his first appointment with Paula.  They worked through the process and what needed to be done.  They agreed a plan to move things forward and discussed some possible options for a financial settlement.  Mr J remained in control of the process but with Paula’s assistance he felt empowered, knowing that he was dealing with the case properly and would have support every step of the way.

Mr J didn’t have to attend court alone as he now had Paula with him, and she was able to provide guidance to him beforehand and at court to help him work out what settlement was right for him and his daughter.

The happy ever after……

Happily, they were able to resolve the case at court, which avoided the need for further court hearings.  Mr J was very happy with the agreement reached and he was able to keep his house for himself and his daughter – which had been his ultimate goal.

Ethos Family Solutions success story

I would like to thank Ms Tanner for all the professional help she gave me while I was going through my Divorce. I couldn’t afford the extortionate fees of a conventional Solicitor, yet Ms Tanner provided an alternative more affordable option.

Ms Tanner gave me highly professional guidance in how to conduct my own divorce and supported me through the minefield of paper work I had to complete. If you’re representing yourself in court because you can’t afford a solicitor, I would highly recommend that you speak to Ms Tanner who can give you additional advice, guidance and support with your family law issues.

I would like to thank Ms Tanner for all the help I had to resolve my matter. Thank You Ms Tanner for providing this Service.”

Mr J

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