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divorce and children

Parenting can be difficult sometimes can’t it?

Just as you think you’ve cracked it; something happens to test you. Then add in the complexity of different children having different needs, different personalities, ages and interests and it’s no wonder we find ourselves feeling we need some help.

I help lots of mums, children and teens and although many of them need a few sessions, some find that just one makes a huge difference and usually it will be a simple NLP technique or principle.

How to support your children through separation and divorce

Whether you want to train to add a skill to what you already do as a job and as a parent or whether you want to set up in business as an NLP Kids Practitioner, please consider joining me for my first group training course February 4th to 7th 2020. I’ve been training individually for over 10 years but wanted to offer a more affordable training (individual training is £995)

I am an NLP and EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (including birth and past life) and have run NLP Kids for 20 years working with families to improve happiness, harmony, communication, confidence and understanding.

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I envisage a maximum of 8 students and the course will take place in Taplow in Buckinghamshire.

Four days 10am to 4pm will be £500 including ongoing mentorship and support as well as membership of private student group on Facebook to share ideas.

Day One

Introduction /Refresher NLP Presuppositions

  • What IS NLP and how do we explain it simply to clients, friends and family
  • Learn the 10 beliefs of excellence and how each one can be a game changer in parenting.
  • How can we present this as a workshop in schools

VAK and the Metaprogrammes

  • Learn how your children process their world, learn best and communicate – in pictures, words/sounds, feelings/actions so you know how to get their attention
  • Do they like choices or process, big chunk or small chunk information, inward or outer referenced, towards or away from, match or mismatch – children can appear anxious when they simply don’t ‘get’ your language pattern, it can seem like a different language

Compelling Outcomes and Vision Board

  • Many of my clients tell me what’s going badly in their life and I understand that but when we focus on what we don’t want and what isn’t going well, we attract more of it
  • What do we really want – this isn’t about goals, it is about focusing on the difference that will make the difference in our life
  • We will create a vision board and finish the day with a Law of Attraction meditation to attract our compelling outcome

Day Two


  • Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping enables us to shift negative thoughts such as low self-esteem, anger, anxiety etc
  • Picture Tapping combines tapping and drawing to clear negative thoughts very effectively

Time Line and Basic Matrix

  • Combine EFT and Time Line work to trace back where some of these negative patterns started and revisit them as your adult self in order to change a pattern that isn’t working for you 9we can do this content-free if you don’t feel comfortable sharing or you can book a private session)

Day Three

Drama Triangle

  • Conflicts in families are often results of us forming a Drama Triangle. Someone plays the victim – “I can’t do my homework” , someone steps in as the rescuer to help but this means that the victim ends up feeling stupid and they then get mad and become the persecutor, shouting at the rescuer. Rescuer becomes victim ……….let’s learn a different way

Perceptual Positioning

  • This is a great technique for understanding the dynamics between people and the inner conflicts we experience in our life between what we want to do and what we feel we ‘should’ do

Parts Integration

  • An alternative technique for conflict resolution

Logic (Neurological) Levels of Change

  • A technique for creating change in families by working our way through our skills, values, beliefs, behaviour, environment in order to align to our outcome

Day Four

Play and Art Therapy

  • More playful day but still with intent to understand the inner workings of our children’s mind through art, drumming, story telling, Lego, Moshi Monster etc
  • Find ways of bypassing what they say and get to the feelings so you know what’s going on and how to help

Structures and ideas for working with

  • Families
  • Mums
  • Schools

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