My love life has turned stale; and he now prefers a cheese and pickle sandwich

There comes a point when you start to feel absolutely foolish; you’re literally flogging a dead horse in the love life stakes. While you’re racing towards the finish line, your jockey had dismounted to munch on a cheese and pickle sandwich.

My love life has turned stale

Today I decided to try one final time to rekindle the playful love which once was. Unfortunately for me, what’s happened is that I have ended up feeling incredibly lonely and looking like an absolute fool. It’s just dawned on me that my partner finds a cheese and pickle sandwich to be more tempting than me.

Bring out the Branston – The best cheese and pickle sandwich!

I was heading home early from work (lunchtime) knowing that my partner was already there. I decided to pluck up the courage and send him a couple of saucy messages. He responded very positively so I went one step further telling him that I wanted to find a naked man in our bed when I got home. I also informed him that I’d give him a ten minute warning to ‘jump to it’ when I got near to the house.

Plucking up the courage to take the bull by the horns

I was so excited. I’d done something to try and rekindle the passion and it seemed that he was up for it too. I felt great because I was the one who had taken the initiative to try and relight the fire. It’s weird, but when you stop the sexy talk with a partner for a while, you can feel like such an idiot restarting it as feels so alien. I was worried by the reaction and absolutely terrified that my advances would be rejected.

My other half sent xxxx’s and I felt like I had years before; the yearning to be with him was back. It felt fun and naughty and I couldn’t wait to get home. I texted him 10 minutes before my arrival as promised and he replied back with the kissing emoji.

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In the early days of our relationship we would always be taking ‘time out’ at any point of the day to jump into bed, sometimes for literally ten minutes. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, or our clothes on!

The butterflies have flown

I put my key into the door, walked into the house and there he was, sitting at the dining table. He muttered ‘sorry’ and something about work and from that point on I knew that I would never feel the butterfly feeling with him again because I sure wasn’t going to put myself out there with further rude talk. I knew. My love life has turned stale.

If he couldn’t make our ‘date’ – he should have told me, but instead he allowed me to walk into the house and feel ridiculous.

To feel like a fool in front of someone you are supposed to be in love with hurts like hell. Even two hours later and I’m cringing that I said things to him in texts. I want to curl up in a ball and cry for what I know has been lost. I was prepared to make the first advance and he pushed me away.

has your love life gone stale

Whether his ‘lack of action’ was control in that he didn’t want me to tell him what to do, or if it was to humiliate me, I have no idea, but he was able to take time out, just half an hour after I got home to make a cheese and pickle sandwich and eat it.

The importance of being intimate, sex and wellbeing

So that’s it for me. I’ll just have to find the butterfly feeling with someone else and hope that this time, not only can I can make it last, but that my lover enjoys the sensation too.

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