Has lockdown been good for dating?

Leading UK dating and matchmaking agency, Bowes-Lyon Partnership discusses the mix of dating and lockdown

If you thought that Coronavirus would put a stop to dating, then you were wrong. Online dating activity is higher than ever, and reports show a notable uplift in proper conversation and consistent communication between people, that may have been lacking in our previous fast-paced existence.

Here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have seen some delightful rapports and relationships develop between our members, via telephone and video communication methods proving that, even though the world has been physically-isolating, the need for human connection is ever-present. Amidst all of the disruption we believe that the pandemic will result in some silver linings for single people wishing to meet a new partner.

Couples are still dating in lockdown

The ‘Someday’ List

The enforced lockdown has made people regret things they did not do when they were able. All the freedom and accessibility to things, that they previously took for granted, now seems like a wasted opportunity. Things that were on the ‘Someday’ list, such as finding a partner for a long-term relationship or taking that holiday you’ve been promising yourself, now find their way to the top of the priority list.  

Going Back to Old-Fashioned Courtship

Restrictions on physically meeting people has forced us back to basics: having telephone conversations or, even more old-fashioned, writing letters…by hand! Some of our greatest and most successful relationships are friendships that turn into romance, as people have taken the time to get to know each other through conversation.

We believe that these new habits of communication will extend beyond the lockdown, making people more mindful about who they date, enjoying the dating process more, and choosing connections carefully. It’s not the fast-paced momentum of online dating, but there’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned courtship!

lockdown has made online dating even more popular

It’s a ‘Numbers’ Game

We believe in quality over quantity but, we recognise meeting the right partner is also a ‘numbers’ game. Online research has shown that the pandemic has made more people (59%) care about connection and desire a partner more than they did prior to lockdown (48%). With restrictions easing we have seen a notable increase in the amount of people registering their interest with us. With a larger pool of single motivated people looking to make a proactive change to their love-life post-lockdown, there could not be a better time to meet someone new!

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We also believe that human connection and relationships can enhance and change lives for the better. Although we are physically keeping 2 metres apart, people may become closer than ever, with their newly adopted habits, post-lockdown.

If you would like to talk about how you can begin your relationship journey with someone new, then please do contact Bowes-Lyon Partnership and one of our friendly matchmakers would be delighted to chat to you.

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Hayley Bystram Bowes Lyon Partnership
Hayley Bystram – Founder – Bowes-Lyon Partnership

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