How to save your relationship without even talking about it

Is it really possible to save your relationship without talking?

If communicating verbally is not working, let’s show you another way.


Connection is probably the most crucial part of a relationship and we need to feel understood, cared-for, heard and seen. We can connect in many ways such as cooking a favourite meal, listening to a partners problems, helping them when they are unwell and of course, by hugging.

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Face it

Facial expressions and gestures play a big part in showing someone how we feel, so become conscious of how someone may interpret your body language. Do you often look grumpy or bored or have your arms folded when your partner is communicating with you? Try to face your partner and have open body language.

The power of touch

Connecting through touch is super important. If you know your partner loves having their feet rubbed or head massaged, then go for it. Bringing feelings of pleasure to another is satisfying for both involved and you may even receive gratitude for your kind gesture.

Fall back in love using the power of touch

Walk it out

Go for a walk with your partner and connect with the nature around you. You don’t need to talk about your relationship. Maybe take photographs or start a game of i-spy – above all, try and make it lighthearted fun.

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Cook it out

We all know the foods which tickle the taste buds of our partner, so cook a special meal around their food heaven. If cooking isn’t your thing, how about a takeaway served on a candle-lit table or on trays in front of a film of their choice?

There are so many things you can do to try to save your relationship without even speaking.

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Make room for love

Don’t allow your life to revolve around your partner. Allow yourself space to have interests and hobbies, and for your partner too. You could even come to an agreement where you each sometimes have time at home alone. This could mean one of you visiting a friend for the evening or taking the dog out for an extra long walk on a Saturday morning. Just like plants, we need room to grow and flourish.

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Learn to compromise

Accommodating your partners needs and preferences doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own. Saying yes or giving-in to doing something which isn’t your favourite plan will make you both feel happy and fufilled. However, it shouldn’t be one-sided and hopefully by setting a good example, your partner will follow suit and think about reciprocating your good deeds.

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Hug it out

Make sure you get those hugs in! Physical contact releases the hormone Oxytocin which can relieve stress and make your feel happier. If you are not at the hugging stage, try placing your hand on your partners or touching them slightly, for example, on the arm as a starting point.

Love is not a bed of roses

Don’t think that a great relationship is all about hearts and flowers, it goes deeper than that, so change your way of thinking. You must understand that a meaningful relationship is one of trust, companionship and support. It’s also honest, transparent and about friendship.

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Laughter is the language of love

Have fun together and laugh. Try dusting of a board game or grab a deck of cards and do something different. There are lots of silly things you can do to create smiles. What about having a comedy tv night?

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Leave your partner a little gift or note. Imagine the smile on their face when they get into the car in the morning to find a note on the seat. Little gestures show that you are thinking about your partner and you care.

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Suck it up

Apologise when you are wrong. When your partner says “sorry”, it’s as powerful as when they say “I love you”.

A helping-hand

Ask if you can help your partner with things such as their daily chores. If they are about to start loading the dishwasher, say “I’ll do that today” or offer to cook the dinner. We all get stuck into routines where we take on certain roles around the house, maybe it’s time to change things and disrupt that ironing pile!

Fall back in love using the power of touch

Make time

Never be too busy for your partner and always try and find the time, even if you are in the middle of something. If you really can’t stop what you are doing, let your partner know that you value them and that you would rather finish what you are doing so that you can spend quality time with them.

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So you see, it is possible to try and save your relationship without talking… the smallest things can make a huge difference, so give it a go.

In their book “How to Improve your marriage without talking about it” Patricia Love and Steven Stonsy talk about Connection being that all important relationship factor. You can buy the book through Amazon and get even more tips and advice.

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