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8 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is your secret weapon to growing your business and increasing your income. In these uncertain times, rather than taking on an employee, hiring a VA is the way to go…..

Here are 8 reasons why outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant could be exactly what you need:

1. Free up time and focus on the tasks that you love!

By outsourcing time-consuming tasks such data entry, email/agenda management and research you can focus on your core business.  Everyone knows the saying, ‘Time is money.’ There is little point in having the perfect Social Media content, for example, if you have no time left to see clients.

You can focus on the elements of your business where you really excel and that you feel most passionate about.

2. De-clutter your personal life

VAs are not just for businesses – they can assist individuals and families with life admin too! 

Whether it is organising a party / holiday / house move, buying gifts or agenda management, a VA will give you more time for your personal life or business.

3. Bring in a Specialist

VAs are specialists in their field.  Typically, they have completed multiple trainings and courses and will also be members of specific groups and forums. That will keep them up to date on the latest trends and best practices.  This means that you do not have to spend precious time monitoring the latest recommended image sizes or newest features of Facebooks Ads as your VA will take of this.

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Many VAs have niche skills, sometimes based on previous experience and sometimes from training.  Mine, for example is Recruitment and Business Development as I worked for 10+ years in that area.  When looking for a VA be sure to ask them about their expertise and experience so you can see who suits your business needs.

4. Focus on growth

Collaborate with a VA who is trained in marketing and identifying customer bases, which means they can implement a plan to focus on growing your company.

Quick growth is amazing right?  Of course, but you need to be prepared to react to that growth and provide flawless service to your customers.  The flexibility of a VA means that you can call upon assistance at peak times and during periods of growth without the commitment of having a permanent staff member.

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5. Flexible business solutions

You do not have the cost and commitment of hiring a permanent employee.  Many Virtual Assistants work on an hourly, daily and project basis, allowing you to utilise their services as per the exact requirements of your business.  As your business needs change and evolve you can add and subtract tasks to the VA’s responsibility list.

I hired a VA as I was struggling to continue running my business and give the children the time they deserve. I was missing out on family life. It’s the best thing I have ever done as it is so flexible! Hiring a VA probably saved my marriage too.

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6. Cost effective

Music to most business owner’s ears!

You only pay for the time that you need assistance, so you do not pay for ‘idle’ time, such coffee breaks, quiet business periods and employee holidays.  All additional costs, such as insurance, equipment, office space, are paid for by the VA.

7. Clients in other time zones or with a different language

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be crucial to providing 24/7 customer service for overseas customers.  Your VA can handle emails and calls during your night, leaving you free to catch up on much needed sleep!

Equally, if you want to grow your business in different markets you may find that providing customer service, social media posts and documentation in different languages is a real asset.

8. Work – life balance

Whether it is the desire to spend time with your family, the responsibility to look after loved ones or simply the preference to keep time for hobbies, keeping your working hours realistic is important. 

Running any kind of business takes perseverance and motivation.  With the assistance of a VA, you are free to focus on your core business and bring true added value.

Written by Nicole Izod a Virtual Assistant who features in The Hug Directory

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