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How much will my divorce cost?

The most common question I get asked by new clients is “how much will my divorce case cost?

They want me to let them know how much the total bill will be for the divorce solicitor. This is very difficult to answer. How much your divorce case costs are dependent on lots of factors, including (although not an exhaustive list) –

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  1. How much you rely on your solicitor during the divorce process – time is money
  2. How efficiently you and your spouse deal with what needs to be done during the legal case – are the solicitors constantly having to chase you
  3. How easily you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement on finances (and where relevant, children) issues – the more you fight the more it costs as you’ll need your solicitor more.

Can I afford to get divorced?

Many people worry that their divorce is going to cost a fortune and their solicitor is going to charge them lots of money. Going through divorce is not a cheap process and the solicitors will charge for the time they spend working on your case. The more you use them, the more it will cost you.

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You and your spouse actually have more control than you may realise over how much the legal costs end up being. The solicitors are not trying to drag your case out. They will want you to be able to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse, wherever possible. They will want a happy client who would be happy to recommend other clients to use their services.

Here are 7 recommendations for how you can save money with your divorce solicitor with how you communicate with them –

  1. Put it in writing – set out in a clear email to them what you want to tell them or ask advice on
  2. Don’t let them chase you – this delays progress in your case and can increase costs
  3. Don’t use them to vent – that is not their role and you’ll pay for their time
  4. Be clear with your communication – what do you need from them?
  5. Discuss more than 1 thing in the email/phone call – make good use of their time
  6. Keep it relevant – don’t ramble on about issues not relevant to your legal case
  7. Remain open minded about reaching a settlement – be flexible about the possible outcome and listen to your solicitor’s expert advice.
woman thinking about her financial situation through divorce

What should my solictor be doing for me?

Your solicitor’s role is to provide legal advice and representation in your case. They are not there to provide emotional support or practical help. Using your solicitor for issues outside of their remit will unnecessarily increase your legal costs.

But that doesn’t mean you need to struggle with those issues on your own.

Working with a divorce coach/consultant can provide invaluable support and guidance through this difficult time in your life. You get the help you need but save money on your solicitor’s costs.

Get in touch with me to find out more about how I can help you through your legal process.

Written by Divorce Consultant Rhiannon Ford who features in The Hug Directory.

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