What are you doing about feeling lonely?

Being alone and feeling lonely are different things.

Those who are alone don’t automatically feel lonely. There are lots of people who are single and live alone who are perfectly happy with life that way. So do you feel lonely or are you lonely?

How to bounce back after separation

BUT – You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. If you are in an unhappy relationship and/or feel disconnected with the people in your life, you could feel very lonely. Many of my clients tell me how lonely they have felt in their marriage. Their spouse and them have settled in to living quite separate lives and/or don’t connect properly any longer and just go through the motions of daily family life with no focus on nurturing the marriage.

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Feeling lonely is an emotional state. It reflects how you feel about your life. Perhaps you feel something/someone is missing or that what you have doesn’t fit right? Feeling lonely is tough. If you share how you feel with others it can really help. But choose what support and advice to accept. Yes, you could consider starting new hobbies to meet new people and get in contact with friends you haven’t seen for a while. But that may only be a quick fix.

Get help with loneliness – NHS

If you’ve been feeling lonely for a long time, try to identify what’s causing those feelings. You may want to consider getting some help with that from a therapist or coach. Spending time on our own is fine and healthy for many but be careful not to cut yourself off from friends or family because you’re feeling disconnected. The longer you allow the difficult feelings to remain, the longer it could take to move forward and for you to feel better. Be kind to yourself. Reach out for help and support. Those feelings need only be temporary.

Written by Divorce Consultant Rhiannon Ford – find out more and get in touch in this area of The Hug Directory.

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