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I was so happy when I saw the post on a local Facebook group to join The Group Hug. It’s brilliant. I have been inspired by others to get out much more and meet new people in my local area. Being divorced is no longer a mark on my soul”.

I love the forum area where I can have a rant anonymously”


I suddenly don’t feel so alone. I can see that others are going through difficult situations too..


I feel that I am supporting others using my experiences”


No one is judging. I love that. No one knows me or my ex so I can just tell it straight”.


I think The Group Hug Community is really positive but also, it get’s people talking about things.  I found a really good divorce coach in The Hug Directory. I am divorced already, but needed some help to see what’s next for me. I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut”.


I love the forum and the fact that I can say what I want. when I want and no one knows who I am. I know my ex cannot stalk me and use what I say as ammunition in the courts.

we asked the group hug community for their thoughts

My friend actually came across the group first and she then invited me into it too. I love all the articles on the website, there are so many topics.

As a man, I felt very alone. I don’t think men are very good at chatting about what’s going on in their lives, so I am pleased to be able to read the blogs on the website and join in conversations in the chat-room and the Facebook page. It’s a terrific idea.

I’ve found a brilliant lawyer through your directory – so thank you The Group Hug!

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