Are you considering a care or nursing home for yourself or a loved one?

How do you make the decision whether to go into residential or nursing home care?

From the desk of long term & elderly care expert Heledd Wynn of GL Law

Most people would prefer to remain and receive care in their own home irrespective of any physical or mental infirmity. However, in practice ill health, loneliness and injury can mean that, many people, their family and carers consider whether a move into residential or nursing care is an option.

NHS – When to consider a care home

Residential and nursing homes usually charge on a weekly basis. The fee will depend on the nature and level of care provided, the location and facilities of the home.

In the event that you decide to move into a care home, important decisions need to be made. Such decisions may have unintended ramifications and taking specialist advice at an early stage can prevent or mitigate problems arising later, leaving you in the best position to plan your care.

nursing home or care home

Bereavement – our tips on making a financial plan

Heledd can advise you on the following issues:

  • Should I be charged for long-term care and how much should I pay?
  • Will I get any help towards my fees from the NHS or local authority?
  • Could I get any help towards my fees from the NHS or local authority?
  • Am I entitled to any benefits?
  • What assets do I need to sell?
  • How should my assets be valued?
  • Should I update my will and how can I pass on assets to my family?
  • Is the care contract reasonable and should I try to amend the terms?
  • Will my spouse, partner or other relative be expected to pay towards my care?
  • Can my spouse, partner or other relative continue living in the family home?
  • Should I take out insurance to pay for care?
  • Can I continue to manage my own financial affairs?
  • Should I appoint someone to act on my behalf, in the event I become mentally incapable?
  • Can I make an advance decision (sometimes known as a ‘living will’) , setting out my health care wishes in the event I become unable to communicate them?
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