Divorce and forgiveness. Positive thoughts from a Family Solicitor

A divorce can be painful but it is not the end of the world.

It is not bad to be divorced for the right reasons. It might be the beginning of your life.

Perhaps divorce is a door for you to walk through to meet someone else you would never have met had you not been through your first relationship.

You may never have met a better person than the one you marry next.

Divorce is becoming like a trend which is concerning. People no longer prepared to make sacrifices for one another or forgive.

Countless times I have heard spouses spit venom and say, “I am going to fix my ex”.

Making someone else’s life difficult is not going to make your life easy.

If you want a simple life, close one chapter and open another. You’ll be in better place than you were yesterday.

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Help and improve yourself. Self-care is important. Don’t hold grudges, or point fingers at others and learn to forgive.


Don’t get bogged down with the past. Let go and move forward. Not being able to let go will lessen your ability to succeed in the future.

Whether someone did something to you or if it is your own past, move forward.

The morale is never give up. Whether you’re ending a relationship or your marriage, do it with honour, dignity and respect. We all go through challenges and hardships in our lives. With hardship comes strength.

Written by Hug Directory Member – Principal Family Solicitor Ash Hussain of Vienna Kang

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