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If I had one question for someone inspirational…

I am often asked who I would like an audience with so I have put together a series of articles based on a few select people who I consider to be truly inspirational. I will ask of them one question in my mock interview.

Who would I like to have an audience with?

My first article focuses on Katie Piper a Model, Author and Presenter who became known to the general public in March of 2008 when she suffered a vicious attack orchestrated by an ex-boyfriend. The attack was carried out by an accomplice instructed by the ex-boyfriend to throw acid into her face. This attack was a carefully planned by Katie’s ex who, following the break up, demanded that she meet him in a local internet café, when she emerged from her London flat, it was then that the accomplice carried out the attack. Katie’s ex knew her career was reliant on her looks as a model. His bitterness at having been rejected as her boyfriend ran deep, even though he had previously attacked her in a hotel room which had led to the breakup, he clearly felt the need for revenge. This is what drove him to execute such an evil act, it would seem intending to put a stop to her happiness and future career. Katie was left in what must have been excruciating pain with burns so extensive that she was left with horrendous disfigurement and blindness in one eye.

Do you struggle to Say “No”?

One of the aspects of Katies’ story which sticks in my mind is that when she encountered the accomplice, she thought he was a homeless man asking her for money as he had approached her with his hood up and was walking directly towards her. Katie put her hand in her pocket to give the man some money and it was then that he threw the acid at her. It was her intended act of kindness which contrasts so sharply with the intentions of her attackers. It is always right to do the right thing and the example of good and evil is right there if ever we needed to see it.

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Inspirational Katie

Despite all of this Katie has emerged from the ashes and boy has she emerged blooming with the roses of success.
Whilst initially dependent upon her parents for the first few years after the attack and having many, many operations to restructure her face and neck, Katie did not allow her history to dominate her future. She has gone on to marry, have two children and become an inspirational speaker, a presenter with Loose Women and an author of several books. Not only that, Katie is beautiful and continues to model.

How to get through those more difficult days

Katie Piper Acid Attack

If I had one question it would be this, whilst she was going through those times of being so reliant on her parents to dress her, bath her, to apply the daily ointment to her burnt skin and as she prepared time again for the next operation, did she ever think that she would be able to emerge as she has into such a confident and successful woman? My feeling is that her response to that question would be that she was determined to emerge because not only was this was vital to her recovery but also to ensure that her perpetrator had not won any victory over her. I admire Katie’s bravery to show to the world who she is and what she had to give even when she was disfigured and no longer looking as she had done before the attack, that takes great courage.

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Toxic relationships

Katie Piper paid a high price for her relationship breakdown but she was absolutely in the right, none of us should ever put up with physical assault at the hands of another, particularly from the very person from whom we should receive respect, joy and kindness and who should be our closest companion.

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Written by Hug Directory member Family Lawyer, Veronica Beard of Bradley Haynes Law Worcester – August 2021

The Katie Piper Foundation – A brighter future for all survivors

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