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Consent Order Form and Decree Nisi

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Hi, I am doing my divorce online myself and have got to the stage where the courts will have a hearing and agree to the decree nisi on 28th January. 
I have instructed a solicitor to draw up the consent order form which is in the final phase and should be sent to my soon to be ex husband within the next week or so. 
My issue is that I wanted to get the house on the market ASAP as this is the only joint asset. He announced the other day that he would do everything in his power to stall the house sale. Even damaging the house etc. I cancelled the estate agent who was due to come today to take photos as I have only just finished my self isolation for COVID and feeling prepared  bad still and said I would rebook for the end of the month. 
He will do anything to delay the sale and I know I am playing into his hands but I’m not strong enough to deal with him just yet. 
What I would like to know is if he refuses to sign the consent order and delays the house sale even more, am I able to represent myself in court to get this through? All I’m asking for is a 50/50 split despite me having put more in.  
Background- we have been together 8 years and married nearly 6. We have no children together. 
I’d really appreciate any suggestions or help with this. 
many thanks 

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First of all well done you for feeling strong enough to start the divorce proceedings - as you are finding out, it is a rocky road and can become emotionally and physically draining as time goes on.

First of all, do you know why he wants to stall the sale? Is it that he just wants to keep control and doesn't want you moving on - this could be the last connection between you, so perhaps he wants to 'dig his heels in' and refuse just to make your life harder.Was he controlling before?

Secondly, if he does damage the house intentionally this can be classed as criminal damage by police so he could get himself in trouble. If he is purposely delaying proceedings then there can be action taken by the courts and your solicitor.Anyone can represent themselves in court - however I would really recommend you get some advice from your solicitor first, so you have the best chance at getting the best outcome for you.

Sometimes just a strong warning letter can be enough to help the ex agree, so just take it one step at a time. Don't rush into making big decisions, look after yourself so you can think clearly and put some boundaries in place to make sure your ex doesn't control the situation.

I am in The Group Hug directory if you want to contact me for support: Caron Kipping Divorce Coach.