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I feel trapped help!

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I was married for the second time on 7th, November, 2016 shortly after the wedding my wife had a minor stroke or T.I.A. After which her demeanour completely changed! I understood she would be confused and a little disoriented for a while, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come!

 I loved her deeply and was thinking of her all the time especially when she started back in the work place, she would come home and spend all night “off loading “. Our quality time suffered. I was trying to understand how the stroke had affected her behaviour, she would become argumentative when she used to be able to reason. Over time she has become very controlling and at times nasty and narcissistic!
Since Covid, things have got much worse! She’s moved into a place of her own and made me homeless because she didn’t want me living with her, I’d paid for her deposit first moths rent and removal costs thinking we were going to be living under the same roof!
We have been separated since 25 February 21, the majority of my things are at hers, I now live in a small ground floor flat. I’ve recently discovered that I’m better off without her, I can’t help her and I can’t love her like I used to.
im not looking forward to the conversation where I tell her that I don’t love her anymore. 

Posted : 23/08/2021 4:38 pm
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Hey @nige365 - how are you getting on with everything? We haven't heard from you in a while!

Posted : 23/09/2021 4:45 pm
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