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What's the nicest dog to get?  

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I am seriously thinking about getting a dog. I want a breed which is kind of hypoallergenic and cute and likes a good walk all rolled into one. What's your favourite doggy guys and gals? My thinking is that I will HAVE to go out walking several times a day and I will have something to look after and love again.  Will make me so happy. HE didn't like pets. 

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I love anything which is a "doodle" like the labradoodle and there is the westiedoodle or westiepoo.. they are so cute and I don't think they have fine hair. More like a sheeps wool

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I love those doodle dogs too. My friend has one and its hypoallergenic which is fab. Did you decide on anything yet?

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Cockapoos are lovely warm friendly dogs. My friend has one and they seem to be great with kids although a little on the "bouncy" side. 

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I love labradors. They are super friendly and very trainable. Need lots of exercise though. 

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We have a beagleboxercolliestaffy cross. The most unique dog we've ever had. Spoilt rotten and really has his own personality. Great company and love walks