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“He has no experience at all and will be soft”: all parental fears about young teachers
I started teaching when I was barely 20. At first, it was the most difficult and scary thing to communicate with the parents of the students. I honestly admit that even now I muster up the courage for a long time before calling the parents and informing them of the successes or difficulties of their child.
The fact is that in society and at school there is a stereotype that a teacher (or rather, a person who bears the proud title of Teacher) must necessarily correspond to something like this portrait. A woman (preferably a woman!), about forty years old (and preferably more!), Necessarily strict in appearance (here are all the attributes of severity and seriousness: glasses, a short neat haircut, a pencil skirt, shoes with the most stable heels, and so on), well and, of course, a higher pedagogical background. Of all this set, I matched only by gender and by points, everything else was bypassed, and it was not easy to win the trust of my parents at the first meeting.
At first I did not understand where all these stereotypes about teachers come from, and then I remembered my wonderful school years, and everything became clear! Both me, and my parents, and my grandmothers were taught by teachers who ideally fit the portrait of an ideal teacher in all respects. In my entire school life, I had only two male teachers: an obzhshnik and a fizruk. 5-10% of my teachers could be called young, at our school it was not customary to hire graduates of pedagogical universities, because the gymnasium is an honorable and responsible one, and experience can be gained in ordinary secondary schools.I think that half of the country's schoolchildren still have this situation in their schools. A young teacher is scary and a risk for many parents. For several years of teaching, I have heard many arguments why youth is not the strongest side of a teacher.
The main parental fears about young teachers
The young teacher will be soft, spineless and dismiss the children
Softness of character is not due to age, but due to personality traits. Both at school and at the university, I had teachers who were not able to maintain discipline in the classroom, and this had nothing to do with their age. Children begin to behave badly, grimace, chat, disturb the order when they are not interested in what the teacher is talking about. If the teacher was able to captivate the topic of the lesson and at the same time this can be done using the academic editing service, then there will be a discussion in the class, the students are involved in the process and they have no time for phones, notes and extraneous chatter. Most young teachers understand this very well, because they themselves have recently left their desks, so they try to make the lessons as interesting as possible. And where there is engagement, there is discipline.
Advice to parents. After the first lessons with a young teacher, ask the child if he was interested in what the atmosphere was in the classroom. Exchange phone numbers with the teacher. Warn that if the child is late, interferes with the lesson, disrespects classmates or the teacher, you would like to know about this in order to talk at home and help solve the problem.By the way, a disrespectful attitude towards a young teacher often arises from the fact that parents at home discuss the teacher with the child, try to avoid this. And when a child does not know how to do homework, do not discuss the teacher, but use to help him. Thus, it will serve as a lesson for you that when there is a discussion of the teacher, you need to help the child at this very moment.
Such a young specialist has no experience in presenting material
This fear is justified. It may well be that a young teacher is not yet completely familiar with the features of the school curriculum, and an experienced teacher from year to year calmly and measuredly goes through the same topics. But! Young teachers are usually more open to innovation, they are happy to learn by themselves using, and they have not yet lost interest in the subject. Unfortunately, if the same topics are taught in the same sequence every year, then the eyes will no longer burn like that.
Children are the most honest audience in the world, and they always see if the teacher has the right knowledge
And in each class there are excellent students and children who are extremely interested in the subject. Such students usually ask questions, want to know the subject more deeply, usually at such moments and it becomes clear whether the teacher has the necessary experience and competence.

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