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In order for research scientific work to make a positive impression, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the writing of the introduction. This part of the dissertation briefly conveys the essence of the research carried out, its purpose and the results obtained.

How to write and complete a dissertation introduction

Getting acquainted with the work of a dissertation candidate, not all members of the attestation commission read his work in full, limiting themselves to the abstract. This adds value to the introduction of a master's thesis, and makes it suitable for a master's or doctoral thesis.

What points should be covered in the introduction

This part of the text is not directly related to scientific research, but it is with it that the work begins. The main task facing an applicant who want write my paper when writing an introduction to a dissertation is a convincing presentation of facts confirming the relevance of the issue or problem under study. The introduction needs to reflect:

  • Confirm the theoretical significance of the issue, based on literary sources and the works of reputable scientists. When drawing up the reference, it is necessary to demonstrate that the problem has already been studied, but has not been considered in depth enough, or the methods for its solution are outdated at the moment.
  • Briefly state the methods of conducting the research or experiment, confirming the deep knowledge of the discipline.
  • Indicate the results of the research and the ways of their practical application. The relevance of the topic under study is proved by the act on the implementation of the proposed technologies by a third party.

You need to understand what is the difference between the entry of a master's, candidate's and doctoral thesis. Completing the master's degree, and buy argumentative research essay the graduate in the diploma project proves his professional suitability and theoretical level of knowledge. Writing a master's thesis involves deeper scientific research.

The introduction to the work of a future candidate of sciences should not only have a greater volume, but also demonstrate knowledge of the subject area, the ability to find new approaches to solving existing scientific problems, and prove the relevance of this discovery or a new methodology.

The structure of the dissertation introduction: a sample with an example of setting tasks and goals

The total volume of this section is approximately 10 percent of the total text, that is, 10-15 pages or 3,500-4,000 words. The recommended structure by EssaysWritingHelp includes the following sections:

  • Relevance. Example: “Now the commercial real estate market involves the widespread use of business mortgages, which are at the stage of formation in the US. The implementation of new mortgage schemes will help business representatives avoid risks and purchase property. "
  • The main task / purpose of the study. Example: "Development of recommendations for the use of business mortgages as a form of investing finance in commercial real estate."
  • Object and subject of research. Example: "The object is the issue of legal relations, the subject is the legislation of the US in the field of mortgage lending."
  • Research methods used by the author in the introduction of the work, for example: "Study of territorial and regional needs for mortgage lending, forecasting and scientifically based assessment of the prospects for the development of business mortgages."
  • Scientific novelty of the research. Example: “A number of works are devoted to the study of the problem, in which the main attention was paid to residential mortgages. The legally permissible form of a business mortgage has not been studied. "
  • The main results , necessarily mentioned at the beginning of the master's and Ph.D. theses.

When writing this section, without help of you need to take into account - the final version is edited last, since during the work the content is repeatedly corrected.

How to start writing a dissertation without losing anything?

How to improve the methodological approach

Where to start writing a dissertation in psychology

Recommendations for the evaluation of psychological experiments used in the dissertation

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