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What past mistakes have you learnt from?

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We all make mistakes in life but not everyone takes the opportunity to learn from these mistakes. Today let's share times we used mistakes we made to our advantage resulting in character growth 🙂

Posted : 20/07/2021 10:02 am
shirazsocial reacted
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My first marriage definitely taught me not to rush into things so much which I often do in life. I got married too fast and too young, but it taught me to think about big decisions more and be less impulsive which I definitely needed to do before I became a parent.

Posted : 20/07/2021 10:05 am
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I think life is for living and embrace everything and do anything as you might die tomorrow. However, there have been occasions when I went over the top. Did too much, spent too much and bit off more than I can chew. I still have the same philosophy, but previous experience has told me not to completely over do it!

Posted : 20/07/2021 3:59 pm
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My biggest mistake is not setting boundaries. I have been very bad at that all my life and didn't realise until I read an article which mentioned saying "no". I am such a people pleaser. Trying to make everyone around me happy and not looking after myself. It is very hard to learn to have boundaries but little by little I am recognising that I can say no and if a friend doesn't like it, well, then they are not a real friend are they?

Posted : 20/07/2021 8:33 pm
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Most of the time, people are commonly accept their mistake, that is a great mistake. Some times, I also do that mistake, laterwards I will change my habbits. Right now I learn lots of things and better to avoid several mistakes in comming days.

Posted : 28/04/2022 12:30 pm
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thank you a lot

Posted : 04/08/2022 6:49 am