The April Gift Guide

Whether you want to treat a friend or loved one or deserve a treat yourself,

here’s our April Group Hug round-up of top gifts from small businesses across the UK.

Every month, we search the UK for the most original and heartwarming gifts and treasures.

There are gifts which will make you smile and others which we are certain will make you laugh out loud.

Not only that; every purchase supports a wonderful small and unique British business.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life is the environmentally-friendly alternative to burial or spreading ashes, and gives you the chance to see something beautiful grow from the remains of the person you have sadly lost.

The Tree of Life Memorial Planting kits are a personal and heartfelt way to commemorate a loved one, there are three sizes to choose from.

We provide specially-formulated planting sets that can be combined with the ashes of the deceased to grow a tree in their memory.

Tree of Life is wonderful

Tree of Life was set up by Sarah, using her own experience of loss to create beautiful ways to remember and cherish someone who is no longer with us.

“Planting with the remains of your loved one allows our minds to project forwards, past the short term pain and towards the long term future. Taking the time to regularly care for your memorial is a powerful way to navigate” through grief”

Get in touch with Sarah at

FENTON Organic Sweatshirt

The iconic FENTON is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially if you reward yourself by watching the clip on YouTube again….


Organic unisex fit sweatshirt in Light Grey with Burgundy Print Or Navy with Neon Orange Print 

10% from every sale is donated to Mind

Visit to see more fabulous accessories and the super “Jackie Weaver” Sweatshirt

youre on mute bear hug goods

YOU’RE ON MUTE Cowl Neck Hoodie

Surely one of the most used phrases of 2020 / 2021…. 

Gorgeous cowl neck hoodie with playful print in pastel colours, sure to rise a smile and lift the mood!  These stylish hoodies with statement high cross neck and cosy thumb holes are a joy to wear.  

10% from every sale is donated to Mind

Head over to to take a look at the brand new collection

Remindfuls are a deck of 50 mindful reminder cards, each designed to comfort, reassure and support you through tough times.

The world can be a heavy place and often life’s challenges can get the better of us. Use this uplifting card deck to help you stay positive, manage your worries and show yourself some much-needed kindness.

Visit “Spiffy” – The Happiness Shop at it’s a very cheerful place!

The store is run by Paul and Shaun who have both struggled with mental health problems in the past. They opened their store and have found happiness ever since!

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