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Aruna Bansal – Asian Single Parents Network
Aruna Bansal – Asian Single Parents Network

Our Network offers social, emotional and practical support in order to build confidence, prevent isolation and combat the stigma attached to being a single parent in South Asian families.

I run it as I really want to help others, (I’m a single parent myself and understand the day to day challenges that many face). I don’t want others to feel isolated and suffer in silence, so it’s a space where they are supported.

They can talk to others in the same boat, who understand what they’re going through and where they won’t be judged.

Did you know….? Some FAQs about the Asian Single Parents Network.

How to Join:

We often get approached by people saying that they are already a member of our network, not realising that because they have liked our FB page, it doesn’t mean they’re a member.

In fact, to join you need to go to our website and register. The information you share on the form is completely private and not shared with anybody else.

The Network is a Community Interest Company (CIC) ie. Not for Profit.

The Asian Single Parents Network is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) which offers social, emotional and practical support in order to build confidence, prevent isolation and combat the stigma attached to being a single parent in South Asian families. It operates as a ‘not for profit,’ and acts in the best interests of its members.

The small membership fee of £15 for the whole year (£1.25 a month), goes into the running costs of the company and is reinvested back so other projects can be worked on, and more people reached in order to help them.

What are the benefits of being a member?

The Events: The majority are currently being held virtually at the moment, such as a weekly catchup Thursday evenings for parents, exercise classes, movie nights, quizzes and a variety of other sessions. We’ve also had a number of Q & As with experts who’ve answered our member queries e.g. family lawyer, mortgage strategist etc.

We’ve held face-to-face events too since lockdown easing with and without children, for example, meet in the park with kids, hiking on child free weekends for the parents.

It’s a very active network and there’s always something being planned! 😊

WhatsApp groups by area.

Meet other single parents in your area for support, advice and get togethers. We have groups, for example, for NW London, East London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, the Midlands etc., all over the UK. These are just a few of them!

Partner Offers

Our partners have offered our members a number of discounts and offers

Member Privacy

An additional benefit is that member information is not shown on the new platform at all in the way that it is shown on meetup. It is a private space for members to receive support.

Other Benefits

Meeting like minded adults who are going through the same experiences.

It can be invaluable to speak with others who have been where you are and are willing to share their own tips for getting through.

Although your best friends may be able to lend a listening ear and sympathise with you, true empathy will come from others who are going through a similar life experience. It is also sometimes difficult to talk to family and friends because of the stigma attached within our culture.

Having company when doing activities rather than on your own.

Friendship opportunities for children which exist outside of their everyday sphere. This also helps with kids who feel different to their peers who may live in two parent households.

There are so many reasons to join! 😊


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