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Dean Vickery – Family Law Consultant
Dean Vickery – Family Law Consultant

When you instruct Dean Vickery, Family Law Solicitor, you don’t only instruct a solicitor; you also get a connection. Whenever that issue arises and you need someone by your side, Dean will be there.

Dean will help you when making important decisions, without emotionally-clouded judgement. Whatever your Family Law matter relates to – divorce, financial matters concerning divorce, or children matters and whatever your current position is, Dean has your interests at heart and will always try to find the best outcome for you.

If you wake up in the night with a burning question or the answer to a problem, Dean will be there to help and guide you through it. He is honest and candid so you always know where you and your case stands.

Even during the weekend, if you receive a letter or some news concerning your Family Law Matter, Dean offers an out of hours service that means you don’t have to wait until Monday with it playing on your mind. He understands that emotions do not switch off at 5:30pm, which is why he is there for you, his client, when you need him.

Litigation can be very costly and Dean will always strive to keep your costs down as much as possible. If you do go to court, he can represent you, discussing strategy and how you want the case to advance, throughout the process.

For more information on how Dean could help you, get in touch this evening. His free, no-obligation Wednesday Family Law clinic offers 20 minutes of time for you and Dean to discuss your Family Law matter and find out if he can help you.


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