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Debbie Rose Divorce and Break Up Coach
Debbie Rose Divorce and Break Up Coach

I am a Divorce and Break-up coach providing a gentle, heart-centered approach to healing the heart after a long-term relationship has ended.


After going through my own emotionally crippling break-up, I found myself relocating from the Middle East back to the UK, becoming a single parent and starting over with 2 children and 3 dogs.  After a few years of conventional therapies, nothing was shifting or helping me feel better and that’s when I realised that truly healing the heart comes from a deep understanding and a more spiritual perspective.  It comes from deep within us.


Along with my own experience, training and deep spiritual knowledge, I help women find themselves again and really connect back to their physical, spiritual and emotional layers.  I believe that when we balance these 3 layers we find a deeper understanding of the reason behind your break-up and you will go on to heal your heart, find your soul purpose and live life on your terms.

I live in Scotland with my teenage children and 3 dogs.  I absolutely love nature and spend time daily walking, meditating, reading, working with clients, while surrounded by my crystals.

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