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Dr Sara Gibbons – Divorce Mentor & Life Coach
Dr Sara Gibbons – Divorce Mentor & Life Coach

Since finding the sunshine again after her own life changing and painful divorce, Sara Gibbons has successfully helped hundreds of clients move on and realise for themselves life doesn’t have to come to a halt when drama strikes but can be the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

With a passion for getting to the root cause of any issues Sara seeks to share how people can avoid spending months or even years in unnecessary emotional turmoil. Creating a fresh and blossoming chapter in life is at your fingertips. You just need to know how.

Author of ‘Rise Again After Divorce’ and qualified in many aspects of counselling, nutrition and personal development including a Doctorate in Client Transformation and Quantum Counselling, Sara is also a health and lifestyle coach. She runs courses and programmes to support clients to find liberation from the past, discover their innate ability to live freely in the now and create a life aligned with their true limitless selves.

Sara has written a wonderfully useful book called "Rise Again" and you can purchase it here

Free divorce recovery course available HERE

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