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Welcome to Family Law Cafe…..

The Family Law Cafe is a new take on how people can resolve family law issues and get the results they want. When you come to the Family Law Cafe, you will be mentored through resolving your issue – starting with making a plan. We can then provide you with whatever experts your case calls for and follow its progress to ensure that you stay focused on getting the results you want.

Customers can engage as many or as few of our services as they like or even do a lot of it themselves with our help and advice.

Whichever route they take, they know that we will be there with them to help them through the process. Barristers, solicitors, financial experts, expert witnesses – we can engage a whole range of people for our customers if they need them who will work together as a team for them.

We provide this mentoring service to people for a fixed price over a fixed amount of time – usually 6 month increments. You pay a SET MONTHLY FEE and get the following via your secure online case space portal:

  • A case plan taking into account the factual, legal and financial aspects – move forward
  • A secure online case space, open 24/7 where all your documents, calendar dates and communications with us and your team live. You can add documents or leave comments and questions for your team when you have time and it suits you – any time or day of the week – we work to your schedule.
  • Your documents stored securely and fully searchable – no more lost papers.
  • Mentoring to make sure that as your case develops and changes you are able to make the right decisions for you – don’t struggle alone.
  • Telephone support – we have your back.
  • Access to the most appropriate experts at a fee that fits your pocket – let the experts come to you.

Don’t let the system give you the run around – get a system that runs around YOU!

Get in touch with us for an informal chat today.

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