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Janette Brooker – Divorce Coach
Janette Brooker – Divorce Coach

Janette Brooker is a highly qualified and experienced divorce coach, specialised in helping her clients through one of the most challenging experiences they’ll ever face. From breaking free of an abusive relationship to managing an acrimonious custody battle, Janette provides practical and emotional support to help you close a difficult chapter and take hold of the future for yourself.

Confronting and accepting the fact that you need to bring your marriage or cohabiting relationship to an end can be very traumatic. A break-up can drastically change the dynamics of your family, impact on your children and disrupt your financial security. Navigating an event like this is so often an isolating and terrifying experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

I wish I had known divorce coaching existed when I went through my own divorce. After living abroad for 10 years, the prospect of returning to the UK to file for divorce with no planning for the future was, frankly, terrifying.

After we signed the papers at the lawyer’s office, I was left to face my new life alone. I had no job and no career that I could return to. I felt completely at a loss on how to move forward, and consequently lost years floundering. Even though I learnt a lot through the process, I learnt it the hard way.

Janette is can work with clients across the UK using virtual platforms. For an informal chat, do get in touch.

South West London, South London & Surrey
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