Jenni Rock – Divorce & Separation Coach
Jenni Rock – Divorce & Separation Coach
Jenni Rock – Divorce & Separation Coach

I help people who are struggling through one of the most traumatic events in their lives to find clarity and a way forward out of the storm! I help them by speeding up the healing process and lessening the pain, whilst rebuilding their self esteem and confidence. Then when they are ready to embrace life again, they do it with love and laughter in their souls, not bitterness and hatred.

When I divorced, there was no support available and I had to learn the hard way, so I retrained and had a complete career change to help others going through it not have to suffer as I did.

To achieve her goal of helping others, Jenni has completed a variety of training courses and self development programmes and will be a lifelong student of her mentor who is a leading International Transformational Coach, highly sought after and incredibly talented. This gives Jenni an edge over competitors in the field as she constantly has personal access to material and techniques that she can use to help her clients transform more swiftly and effectively with lifelong impact. It is fair to say that should you be accepted as a client by Jenni your life as you know it will change!!! Jenni is also a Transformational Mastery Coach.

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