Judy Bartkowiak – Children & Adults
Judy Bartkowiak – Children & Adults
Judy Bartkowiak – Children & Adults

I work to empower children, teens and their families to learn how to overcome struggles, manage https://www.thegrouphug.com/2019/05/15/how-to-support-your-children-through-separation/anxiety and anger, get rid of limiting beliefs and be the best they can be. I am based in Burnham in Buckinghamshire.

Life throws many challenges at children and I help them to deal with issues such as parents separating and exam anxiety etc..

The limiting beliefs we experience as adults such as

  • I’m not good enough?
  • No-one listens to me?
  • My needs aren’t important?
  • I don’t matter?

and so on, were imprinted in our subconscious during the time in utero, (our own mother’s anxieties and feelings) during the birth process (the effects of a traumatic birth) and before the age of 7 years.

During these times we are simply absorbing subconsciously the words and emotions around us because we can’t make sense of them yet.

Then because these limiting beliefs about ourselves are deeply embedded, they get triggered.

Someone we care about, does or says something that brings this subconscious feeling to the surface and we find ourselves reacting emotionally and are not sure why. Our own children pick these up in the same way, in our womb, at birth and during their early years.

The very best way to tackle your child’s anxiety and limiting beliefs is by being curious about whether these could also be yours. I can help with this. Although I specialise in working with children and young people, increasingly I’m finding that this work is more effective when also working with mums (and dads too) alongside working with the child. That way, you’re clearing your stuff so they don’t pick it up and they’re clearing what they already have.

I use a range of modalities – EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting as well as NLP, Time Line Therapy and Art.


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Telephone: 07917451245
Location: Buckinghamshire
My Hug Articles: https://www.thegrouphug.com/2019/06/18/can-we-become-addicted-to-the-feeling-of-anxiety/, https://www.thegrouphug.com/2019/05/15/how-to-support-your-children-through-separation/
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