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Kay Downie – The Soul Mechanic
Kay Downie – The Soul Mechanic

Kay Downie is an experienced tarot card reader, public speaker, event planner, meditation guide as well as an NLP Practitioner/Coach and Kinetic Shift Practitioner her mission is to enable and empower you.

Using the Tarot/Soul cards I enable and empower my clients to think for themselves as well as being available to mentor them through the situation they are unable to determine and with Kinetic Shift I am able to remove the source of the block that is stopping them fulfilling their purpose and to live a more authentic life.

The blocks can be limiting beliefs, phobias, emotional/physical pain etc

Just like any mechanic I repair and replace, only I repair and replace the parts that are not functioning correctly within your soul. Using only non-intrusive procedures I can coach, mentor you or I can remove and replace the blocks that have been created by limiting beliefs, phobias, mental/emotional/physical pain, traumas including PTSD etc

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