Kids Come First – Nicola Withycombe
Kids Come First – Nicola Withycombe
Kids Come First – Nicola Withycombe

Dealing with divorce or sorting out your separation? Worried about your children?
We help you focus on your family needs and discover more practical co-parenting.

I am a civil mediator (formerly worked at a family mediation service) and a qualified adult trainer who has worked with separated parents for almost 10 years (formerly Cafcass SPIP presenter).

Our mission is to encourage parents to engage with our support and training whatever the stage of their separation as our teaching program aims to build more resilient families and healthier communities.

Whilst many aspects of the family law system have been failing families for some decades now, we offer good guidance on a better way forward (we cannot change the past – but we can certainly influence the future!)

I am very keen to alert parents in Surrey to the benefits of our 1:1 workshops in Esher, as it’s the perfect health & wellness environment to visit. We also regularly do sessions with parents across the UK using SKYPE, because not everyone is able to get to Surrey or London.

Struggling with their own confusing ‘loss’ emotions, children are constantly observing your responses and behaviour and depending on you to be strong and resilient – just when you’re finding it hard to function at your best! That’s why it’s so important to find the right specialist support as early as possible – because the better you cope, the better your kids will too!”


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