Lisa Nesbitt – Andrew Isaacs Law Ltd
Lisa Nesbitt – Andrew Isaacs Law Ltd
Lisa Nesbitt – Andrew Isaacs Law Ltd

I specialise in Unmarried Couples/Divorce Law at Andrew Isaacs Law.

I know from experience that each person’s situation is unique, which is where my expertise can be vital in protecting your interests.

I have a great wealth of experience in achieving amicable outcomes, even in the most awkward and difficult situations and I can advise you on any divorce related issue.

For unmarried couples I can help you to protect yourself before moving in with your partner by drafting a Cohabitation Agreement, which can set out the terms of your financial arrangements before you move in.

If you have already moved in together it is not too late to draft an agreement.  If your relationship comes to an end and your home is in the sole name of your partner, you may still have rights to the property.

This is an extremely complicated area of law and it is important that you seek advice about your rights as soon as possible.  I am also able to assist you with any financial issues in your relationship.  Contact me today to arrange a consultation.

Telephone: 01302 349 480
Location: South Yorkshire
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