Marcie Shaoul – Co-Parenting Coach
Marcie Shaoul – Co-Parenting Coach
Marcie Shaoul – Co-Parenting Coach

Using over a decade of research to develop The Co-Parent Way, I offer a completely unique service coaching parents on how to manage their separation whilst keeping children as safe and stable as possible. A break up where a child remains whole and resourceful and playful is definitely possible. As a divorcee and a co-parent I know how utterly crucial it is to carefully construct a protective space around your children when you are going through a separation. Children find themselves dividing their time between two homes and two families and it can be confusing. At worst they are used as a bargaining piece or a sounding board or even just left to get on with it whilst the parents suffer through the separation.

As a trained, certified and accredited coach, I combine my decades working in the diplomatic sector with my communication and relationship skills to enable the best outcomes possible for my clients. Coaching is not a magic wand, and co-parenting can be hard work. The Co-Parent Way (TM) is designed to give you tools and skills that you can use for the rest of your life. During the coaching sessions we will work on practical tools such as communication, how to pause, understanding your boundaries, knowing how you want to parent, negotiation and much more.

I work with either one parent, or both parents (though not in the room at the same time) over 7-9 sessions. I also work with blended families where there are new partners, additional children and grandparents joining the family. I help them navigate the tangle of lives to enable a more harmonious arrangement.

Parenting apart is another form of co-parenting. For families that have one parent working away over long periods of time, it can be hard to know how to hold the parental space for the children. I work with families of journalists, aid workers, diplomats and more.

Coaching happens face to face, on the phone or over Skype/Face Time. All options are available.

We also offer Executive and Corporate coaching to enable individuals to grow in their career and for companies to grow, align and motivate their teams. We use specific leadership and hyper awareness techniques to enable exponential growth.

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