Mary-Ellen Glasgow – McKenzie Friend
Mary-Ellen Glasgow – McKenzie Friend

I have supported many people over the past 25 years in Criminal, Civil and Family Matters in my role as an Independent Advocacy Specialist and also as a McKenzie Friend. Similar boundaries apply to both roles in that both require me to abide by a strict code of practice regarding confidentiality and to demonstrate high levels of integrity.

I understand that as a McKenzie Friend I have no right of Audience and I work to the Practice Guidance for McKenzie Friends 2010.

I will support, mentor and advise you on Family Court Matters including:


Child Arrangements

Financial Arrangements

Fact Finding Hearings

Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders

Specific Issues

Evidential Statements

Emotional Support.

Having represented myself throughout acrimonious divorce proceedings (I won my case) I understand how daunting, stressful and costly the process can be.

I aim to empower individuals to remain in control of their case at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.

I was invited to speak about my role, particularly when working with, and on behalf of people who have cognitive and/or communication challenges at a CPD for Judges and Barristers at Bristol University by Susan Jacklin QC (circa 2012)

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