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Tom Nash – Divorce, Separation & Family Coach
Tom Nash – Divorce, Separation & Family Coach

Tom is the Founder of Melior Minds and a Life Coach specialising in Divorce, Separation & Family Coaching. A certified Master Practitioner in Coaching, NLP, TimeLine Therapy ® & Hypnosis.

With a personal life experience of divorce spanning some 34+ years, both as a young child of divorce, and later in life as a husband and father of my own divorce, I know first-hand the challenges one faces in what can be one of lives most difficult, stressful and emotionally draining times.

Partnering closely with family lawyers and other professionals, Tom offers a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space that puts you, the client, at the centre and focuses on helping you move forward during this difficult period. All to often we can’t see the wood for the trees, our emotions are on a rollercoaster that feels it will never end, and the thought of trying to understand what, where, how and when we can rebuild our life seems too much to fathom.

Coaching is not counselling or traditional therapy, instead my role as your Coach is to assist you in recognising and bringing forth the resources and strengths that lay inside. We explore options and opportunities, obstacles to overcome and how, and we challenge what is true to your values and beliefs ensuring you can build the future you deserve and truly want.

We will work on a number of key areas to assist in this process of evolving through your divorce / separation, to name a few:

•    Understanding, Evolving & Improving from negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and more).

•    Helping create an understanding and better acceptance of the past, present and future potential circumstances.

•    Building strategies and use of mindset coping techniques to move forward.

•    Fostering better communications (especially where children are involved).

•    Motivational coaching to increase confidence and self-esteem.

•    Future planning and personal life goal setting for the life you desire after divorce / separation.

Having been raised in a “Blended Family” as 1 of 7 children, and becoming a “Step-Father” to my 2 “Bonus-Children” (I prefer bonus to step!). I again recognise and have lived, am currently living, the challenging ups and downs that creating a Blended Family and Co-Parenting can bring.

I possess a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and skills to assist you, your former and even current partner, along the potentially obstacle stricken road to “Co-Parenting Correctly” and “Blending Successfully”.  T

om works with either one or both parties, separately and completely confidentially but also simultaneously to ensure all parties are on the right path towards improvement at the same time.

Based in Northern Bedfordshire, I service locations across the home counties (Herts, Beds, Bucks, Northants & Cambs) as well as London and of course I cover the entire World via video call!

07725 034 115
UK wide & Bedfordshire
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