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Olivia Parry – Eat to be Slim
Olivia Parry – Eat to be Slim

I am a weight loss and life balance coach which means I help people lose weight and keep it off for good.

People who work with me have to have a very good reason for wanting to lose weight. Improved health, more energy, less pain are all good reasons. So too is looking good, and feeling good and I believe how people see themselves is about self-respect not vanity.

I help clients uncover often hidden blocks as to why they have been unable to lose weight in the past, and keep it off for good. It’s so much more than a diet and activity plan. It is delicious food that balances the blood sugar and mood. And, we work a lot on mindset and psychology (coaching).

I teach people how to get to understand their own behaviours and what they can and can’t control so they get results. I’m also a cancer survivor who had a scary stay in Intensive Care (ICU). I survived because I am slim. That is why I do what I do.

To help others live as long as possible true to their values with meaning. I believe being a healthy weight is the best gift people can give themselves.

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