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Sarah Swain – Interiors & Life Coach
Sarah Swain – Interiors & Life Coach
Are you going through a divorce or separation? Maybe you have moved house, are now co-parenting and looking to make your new abode warm and welcoming for your children....
Supporting you to create a new environment for your new life
When we live cohesively, we feel connected to, and contented with, where we live and home becomes a beautiful expression of who we are. We are free to be authentic, doing the things we truly want to do and fully engaging with the world on our terms.
When we fall out of alignment with where we live, we can use this as a powerful signpost to what's missing, or what needs to change, in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. 
With the Cohesive Living approach to coaching and interior design, we translate the language of your home and use it as a framework to get clarity and create a contented and connected life.

Anyone can benefit from coaching and, whether you are looking for total transformation or an opportunity to make a few tweaks, the Cohesive Living approach is inspiring and enjoyable.

Cohesive Living Coaching follows a process that enables us to work on creating the life you want, by using the landscape of your home.

Each coaching relationship begins with a no obligation conversation to get a feel for each other and work out if we are a good fit. This lasts between 30 minutes and an hour.
Your first session is two hours and takes place, ideally, in your home. We either meet there in person or, if you're a long distance away, we can arrange a virtual tour and session via Skype or Zoom.
Berkshire & UK Wide
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