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Tamsin Caine – Smart Divorce
Tamsin Caine – Smart Divorce

I have been through divorce myself and also been the child of divorcing parents. As a financial planner, I realised that I can help others going through the turmoil of divorce. I work with individuals and with couples. The individuals I help tend to be the less financial one of the couple. I hold their hand through the process when it comes to sorting out the money, by supporting, educating and giving them clarity over their financial situation now and in the future.They will understand what the options mean to them in the context of their own lifestyle.

With couples, I provide a neutral voice. I explain the products they have, the tax treatment, possible mitigation considerations, pensions and how these may be divided and the benefits of cashflow forecasting in divorce. We can then look at some options for splitting their assets and how they impact both their futures to come to a fair division. Most importantly, I believe that a fair agreement can be reached without a fight.

I recently passed the Resolution Accreditation for Financial Advisers. There are less than 40 of us holding it in the UK

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