Bradford is a city in the northern English county of West Yorkshire. Housed in a 19th-century mill, Bradford Industrial Museum includes exhibits on textile machinery, steam power and engineering (BD2 3HP).

Things to see in Bradford

The National Science and Media Museum – focuses on photography, film and television, and has an IMAX cinema. Pictureville, Bradford BD1 1NQ.

Lister Park – is one of Bradfords largest and most popular parks. It has beautiful scenery and many flower gardens to explore. Cartright Hall art gallery is on the grounds of Lister Park which offers exciting exhibitions and space dedicated to local artist David Hockney. There is also an adventure playground for children to blow off some steam. Bradford BD9 4JN.

Peace Museum – is the only museum that specialises in history of peace, peace activists and movements. As well as pieces which showcase Bradford’s fascinating culture. 10 Piece Hall Yard, Bradford BD1 1PJ.

Take a look at the help available in Bradford

If you’re looking to engage a family law firm in Bradford, we have found the following

  • SKB Law – Hope Park Business Centre, Trevor Foster Way, Bradford, BD5 8HB
  • Makin Dixon Family Law and Divorce Solicitors – 10 Hustlergate, Bradford, BD1 1RE
  • Chivers Walsh Family Law – Buildings 9, Third Floor, Refuge, 11 Sunbridge Rd, Bradford, BD1 2AZ

Relationship breakdowns and heartache

Even if you were the one to instigate the breakup, the end of a marriage or relationship is difficult and will throw your life into turmoil as you realise there are lots of issues to work through with the person you no longer want to be with. Communications will be tricky and stressful. Maybe you didn’t see the break-up coming and are in shock or have escaped a violent marriage and don’t know which way to turn. Whatever the reason, dealing with your feelings isn’t easy. The other side of the coin could be that you still want to be with your partner and to be married.  Releasing a relationship for whatever reason, can leave the future looking very bleak and intimidating. It’s a difficult time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You will be forced to deal with issues you never thought you would have to consider such as sharing childcare, moving house, dealing with in-laws and if the separation isn’t amicable you could be led into lengthy court proceedings; dealing with solicitors and legal jargon. All this will take its toll on your mental wellbeing. You have to remember that thousands of people every year go through this process too. The majority of them go onto lead happy and enriched lives and say that they are the happiest they have ever been. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to find a way to see it and maybe you need someone to guide you to that illumination. 

You’re likely to feel an abundance of emotions; one minute on a high of adrenalin when something goes your way and the next grieving for what you believe you have lost. It’s a rollercoaster and you are not sure when the ride will stop. Anger and confusion only add to the severe anxiety which is making you hyper-vigilant.

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