The largest city in the region is Bristol and we have a multitude of experts in The Hug Directory for this city which straddles the River Avon. Our Founder Alison had the pleasure of meeting Family Solicitor and Partner James Myatt of GL Law at their offices which are located at No. 6 Queens Square BS1 4JE. The beautiful Georgian Square which covers 2.4 hectares is in the heart of Bristol. Alison enjoyed talking “family law” with James over a slice of cake in one of the nearby cobbled streets.  If you are ever in town it’s definitely worth having a stroll around to take in the architecture and maybe have a cheeky pint or glass of wine in one of the nearby pubs.

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The Hug Directory – Bristol

Also in the GL Law team is the lovely Heledd Wynn who is a Director and Head of Long-Term & Elderly Care with over 15 years’ experience across a range of future planning, private wealth and Court of Protection work. Specialising in future planning, Heledd provides expert advice and guidance in respect of Wills, Powers of Attorney, long-term care, and asset protection to both private individuals and business owners.

Stowe Family Law Bristol is led by Managing Partner Jemma Slavin “a highly recommended solicitor with over 15 years experience”. Stowe is also based in what seems to be the legal centre of Bristol as they are in the same area, also residents of “the square” but at 18-21 Queen Square BS1 4NH.

Bristol based law firm GL Law
GL Law
Claire Black –
Divorce Coach
Stowe Family Law understand the emotional issues which come with divorce
Stowe Family Law
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Integrated Dispute Resolution

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On 30th October 1831, over three days, Bristol was swept by destructive riots (sparked when The House of Lords blocked a popular electoral Reform Bill). Almost 100 of the buildings around the square, including the Mayoral Mansion House, Bishops Palace and Custom House, were burned to the ground.  Hundreds of protestors died, around 90 were sent to prison and four were hanged. Fortunately, things seem a lot calmer in the area these days, but it took 80 years to rebuild the area to what you see today.

One of Bristol’s most reconisable structures is The Clifton Suspension Bridge. The iconic bridge is safe for both vehicles and pedestrians to cross over the 77 metre gorge and around 4 million vehicles use it every year. For those interested in architecture, there is a visitor centre where you can a visit with a guide or even a “hard-hat” tour, getting right down to the nitty gritty of the bridge.

Starting again financially

Many say that the number one attraction in Bristol is Brunel’s SS Great Britain. The former passenger steamship is now a museum and was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for transatlantic services between Bristol and New York City. Her maiden voyage was on 26th July 1845 and at that time, she was by far the largest vessel afloat. She is now in dry dock in Bristol.

Other things to do and see around Bristol

  • Clifton Observatory – There are only three working Camera Obscuras in the UK and since 1828 one of these has sat on top of the Clifton Tower. On your way up to the camera, you will walk through a museum and learn all about the fascinating history of the observatory. The camera itself can be rotated 360 degrees and gives you truly magical views of Bristol – Litfield Road, Clifton, BS8 3LT
Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge – Bristol

  • Wild Place Project – An adventure for the whole family, out in the fresh air. Children will love the Barefoot Trail, walking barefoot across different textures, completing fun mini challenges along the way.  See brown bears, wolves, lynxes, cheetahs and giraffes and many more wonderful animals. Other attractions include play areas and a high ropes course – Blackhorse Hill, BS10 7TP
  • Bristol Aquarium – fun for the whole family. Explore this underwater world that is bursting with exotic aquatic animals. See sharks, rays, jellyfish, pufferfish and many, many more. Bristol is also the only aquarium in the UK with a botanical house, you will step inside and be transported to a jungle haven complete with the hot climate! – Anchor road, BS1 5TT

Have you considered using a divorce coach?

If you are looking for a someone to show you empathy through your divorce journey, then Claire Black is your go-to person. Claire is an encouraging divorce coach and ex lawyer. She features in The Hug Directory and along with everything else, she is an “expert from experience” having been through a divorce of her own. If you don’t have the means to engage with her on a 1:1 basis, then don’t worry! Claire has written a fabulously supportive book called Break-up – from Crisis to Confidence.

What does a divorce coach actually do? Do I need one?

Claire will support you with empathy but ultimately she will help you on the road to recovery because that’s what everyone really needs. In divorce and separation it is essential that you find out who you are and where you are going. Eventually you will be saying “Ex? What ex?”

Financial Planning in Bristol

Ceri Griffiths covers the South West and is based in Newport, NP4 5LG

My Big Game is to change the face of financial services, from a number driven, product focused approach, to one in which women WANT to engage. Where they feel empowered, understood and intelligent. Where it’s not about what they know about money, but what they want money to do for them.

I love working with divorcing women because my support helps them divorce with dignity, energy and with enthusiasm about the independent life they are now facing, with a clear financial plan and expertise on their side.

Wellness and dating; what are you looking for?

Are you looking for love or just sex or a combination of both? Whichever it is, it can play havoc with your mental health and wellbeing. The whole procedure can turn into a second job, rewriting your profile, changing your photos.  How do you stay sane through this? Men and women are desperate to find a special connection, but over and over again we hear stories of how hard it is.

It does happen though and there are many who find online dating a success and move on to live their happily ever after. People fall in love all the time but you need to be resilient.

Many people go on a date and end up making new platonic friends. It is really important to not make a big deal of “finding love” per se. Increasing your bank of friends is always a good thing, especially if you are through a tricky relationship breakdown. It is actually quite likely that you do make some good friends along the way as you may have a lot in common with many people.

Find your own way in the dating world

Ignore the smug-marrieds who snigger at the thought of online dating; they are on another planet. The majority of people looking for a relationship are logging in and swiping. Everyone on an online platform is there to meet for one reason or another. You just have to match your reason and theirs. If you are hoping for a hook-up – make it clear, or you will be left feeling frustrated when your matches say that they are looking for something serious. Just be honest from the outset.

Try not to get too nervous and simply think of dating as meeting new people. Removing the dating and finding love aspect from your head, will take the pressure off. It should be fun and remember that your date will be anxious too. At the end of the day, until you actually meet your date in person you are not really going to know if there is any chemistry. No photo can really show what a person looks like or demonstrate their superb sense of humour. You are just looking to hit it off with someone. Of course, there will be incidences where you really like someone but you just don’t spark something in them and vice versa. Maybe the old adage “throw enough mud at the wall and hope some of it will stick” is the way to go if you have the energy. Go serial dating. 

Be honest and true to yourself

It’s always a good idea to be direct. There is absolutely no point in stressing yourself out on a date, pretending to be something you are not. Make the first date a short one, just in case you realise from the first moment you meet “they are not the one”.  A coffee or quick drink are always acceptable and be honest and explain why. The other party will probably be relieved to hear you suggest this too. It’s not only your mind you need to consider, all those dates and small talk are exhausting. If you can cut down the hours you spend on first dates, this could be a good idea. Thinking what to say; it’s tough. Consider your wallet; if you were to go out for three dinners a week, you’d need to take out a mortgage. Short and sweet I the best way to play it.  At the end of the day, if you really do hit it off it will be lovely to look forward to meeting that person again as soon as possible.

Don’t stress about who pays, make it a rule that you just split the bill. In this way, there is no issue. Some still believe that the man should pay. Male or female, just insist you pay half and cut out that drama and angst.

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